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Enterprises represented by listed companies have invested in exploring the blockchain. Some companies have clear application scenarios and certain R&D capabilities, and to some extent show the attitude of policies to the blockchain. Therefore, the application of the blockchain by listed companies is also an important perspective to observe the industry trends. Although there are no speculators who speculate on stock prices, there are many practical players.

To this end, the chain catcher launched a series of special reports on the listed companies, explored the lively practical experience of these companies, and observed the development path and situation of the blockchain in the real society from the perspective of listed companies. The fifth company in this topic is Yuanguang Software. Yuanguang Software is a listed company in the field of information technology for the energy industry. It aims at accelerating the transformation and upgrading of digital power in traditional power companies and has achieved certain achievements in this field. In recent years, Yuanguang Software has begun to lay out cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, trying to enhance the competitiveness of its original business and expand its business boundaries.


Introduction to Yuanguang Software


Founded in 1998, Yuanguang Software started from the financial information software and obtained the investment of 2.19 million yuan from IDG. Since 2002, it has laid out the management information business of the group. The core product, GIG, can realize financial intensification and assets for the group. Intensive and supply chain intensive management, covering management areas such as supply chain management, group risk management and group decision support, is now positioned as a provider of enterprise management and social service information systems.

It is understood that Yuanguang Software pays special attention to the layout of power and energy. It aims at accelerating the trend of digital transformation and upgrading of traditional power companies, and launches electric energy based on purchase and sale of electricity systems, distribution network marketing systems, and power plant marketing control systems. The industrial chain product system provides information services for enterprises such as China Southern Power Grid, Gezhouba Group and Qinshan Nuclear Power, and has become one of the business markets that have contributed the most to revenue. At present, State Grid Fujian Power Co., Ltd. and Guodian Power Development Co., Ltd. are the two largest institutional shareholders of Yuanguang Software.

At the same time, Yuanguang Software is also involved in cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things. The proportion of R&D investment in revenue has exceeded 20% for many years, and these technologies have been gradually applied to business scenarios to consolidate itself in the field of information systems. Advantages with the energy industry.

At present, Yuanguang Software claims to have formed four core businesses of “Group Management, Smart Energy, Intelligent IoT, and Social Interconnection”. At the same time, it focuses on the main channel of smart energy and has created a software and hardware integration solution covering the entire business chain.

According to the latest financial report data, Yuanguang Software achieved operating income of 1.278 billion yuan in 2018, an increase of 8.41% year-on-year; net profit of 194 million yuan, an increase of 13.02%. As of April 30 this year, the total market value of Yuanguang Software was 8.231 billion yuan, doubled from the end of October, but the stock price was actually the same as the 2010 high.

It can be seen from the above information that Yuanguang Software has clearly deepened the field of informationization in the energy industry, with large power companies as its main customer groups, and has accumulated its experience and accumulated some technical reserves to form its own industry competitiveness, but the growth rate of revenue has been developed so far. Gradually slowing down, there is an urgent need for more ways to increase revenue channels.

The current strategy of Yuanguang Software has already begun to appear. On the one hand, the use of blockchain, artificial intelligence and other technologies to increase the depth of service to power companies, increase the willingness and quota for customers, and on the other hand, try to expand aerospace, medical and health care. In the large group enterprise market in the field of equipment manufacturing, the number of potential customers is greatly expanded.


Blockchain layout of Yuanguang Software

Yuanguang Software first entered the blockchain in 2015, when Yuanguang Software established a blockchain research laboratory, carried out a series of blockchain technology research and experiments, and applied for multiple blockchain technology patents, including "Management methods and related equipment and networks for electronic documents", "Methods and devices for power trading based on blockchain technology".

Since then, Yuanguang Software has gradually built up the high-beam blockchain application service platform to provide the underlying environment for exploring more blockchain application directions. In 2017, Yuanguang Software established the Blockchain Application Division to develop and promote blockchain products based on business scenarios, mainly energy business. According to the relevant expressions of the high-light software, blockchain technology has three application directions in the energy scene for the needs of the power industry: “issue, transmission, distribution, sale and use”:

First, relying on the blockchain node access mechanism to control access to specific resources of energy equipment to achieve trusted identity authentication and secure access of power smart devices; second, construction can provide support for ubiquitous power Internet of Things applications Blockchain application service platform; third, build a private chain of electricity market with the grid as the main body of settlement, realize the transaction information of power quantity and price, complete the design and deployment of smart contract for power transaction settlement, access smart meter, and carry out Integrated energy services for the ubiquitous power Internet of Things.

However, from the products actually released by Yuanguang Software, only one of the four major products belongs to the energy field, namely the distributed energy trading platform, which aims to help the main body of electricity sales and power users to conduct market-oriented energy trading through the trading platform to realize energy. The flow, information flow and capital flow are "three streams".

Another product is a blockchain-based supply chain financial system. Through the blockchain digital voucher, the flexible split of accounts receivable is realized, which not only achieves multi-win, but also guarantees the convenience of SME financing.

Another product is the blockchain traceability system, which launches a comprehensive enterprise solution including commodity anti-counterfeiting, traceability, warehouse receipt management and logistics information, and cooperates with Fujian Haocaitou Food Co., Ltd. to provide blockchain. SaaS services for product traceability and logistics chain.

The last blockchain identity system attempts to meet the needs of individual users and government management. On the one hand, individual users can install the “Certificate Manager” app on the mobile terminal to view and call personal documents at any time. On the other hand, government units can use “electronics”. The inspection and certification system of the licenses carries out the management of the identity documents of the residents.

In 18 years, Yuanguang Software has successively won the bid for the “Research on Data Security Sharing Technology Based on Blockchain” of Henan Power Company of State Grid and the Key Technology of Energy Network Information Infrastructure Based on Blockchain in State Grid North Power Co., Ltd. Invention project. According to public information, the former project mainly provides reference for its subsequent energy network application pilots based on blockchain technology, new energy transactions, and financial settlement.

It should be pointed out that Yuanguang Software has participated in the establishment of the Qidi Yuanguang Blockchain Industry Fund in 17 years. The fund size is 160 million yuan, and Yuanguang Software plans to invest 110 million yuan, which is related to the blockchain concept. The technology-based, innovative enterprises or projects for equity investment can build a platform for China's blockchain production, research and research and financing exchange, so as to achieve good investment returns.

However, according to the announcement released in early January this year, Yuanguang Software decided to adjust the follow-up investment of a number of industrial funds, including the enlightened Yuanguang blockchain industry fund. The announcement also revealed that Yuanguang Software has injected 33 million yuan into the fund, and the remaining funds will not be injected. At the same time, the fund has not carried out any investment activities for more than a year.


Summary and outlook

As a leader in the field of information software, Yuanguang Software has invested a lot of human and financial resources in the blockchain field. On the one hand , it hopes to use the blockchain technology to enhance the service depth of the original customers. On the other hand, it tries to break through the original business boundaries. Increase revenue channels and enter a larger market, including photovoltaic settlement, microgrid, electric vehicles, and electronic asset securitization.

However, at present, most of the blockchain products launched by Yuanguang Software are closely related to the previous main business, and almost every product is facing a new field. This should be the active strategy of Yuanguang Software in the new market. However, in the case that the original information technology system development of Yuanguang Software is not obvious, its attempt in the new direction of these blockchains may not be very high.

Moreover, in the direction of supply chain finance and anti-counterfeiting traceability proposed by Yuanguang Software, a large number of traditional enterprises or original blockchain project layout attempts, and the solution ideas proposed by Yuanguang Software have no significant features and advantages, and their commercialization The difficulty will increase further.

However, Yuanguang Software still has merit in the practice of blockchain technology in the power/energy field. Although the combination of power business and blockchain technology is relatively unfamiliar to the blockchain industry practitioners, the power industry still has the application space of blockchain technology as a multi-party cooperation field involving power stations, power companies, and individual users. Through the development and experiment in this field, the software can increase the application scenarios of blockchain technology and introduce blockchain technology to further penetrate into traditional industries.

In general, blockchain technology is difficult to help Yuanguang Software achieve fundamental transformation and upgrading, but it has certain benefits for existing businesses and can enhance its competitiveness in the energy Internet field.

Author / Gong Yuyu

Editor / He Yangjian

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