BM: The mention of BTC rollback will consolidate its immutability

On the morning of May 9, BM appeared in the telegraph group and exchanged hotspots with community members. The following is part of the story. 1. Some members of the community talked about the theft of the BTC in Japan, and the rollback was mentioned as one of the solutions. BM said that every time people talk about wanting to roll back but not, they will consolidate their unchangeable characteristics. If this idea is neither discussed nor tried, then we will not know. 2. The community members asked, “Why does the EOS transaction take 3 minutes to become irreversible, but the BOS only takes 3 seconds. What is the unexpected result of shortening the confirmation time?” BM said that in terms of data, the block on the EOS only needs to be A confirmation is irreversible. The proportion of block differential forks is small, and even if the differential fork occurs, there is still a chance to confirm the transaction; BOS will return to EOS in the future. 3. Community members asked “How much inflation is reasonable”, BM said it would make BP profitable, and additional income would intensify competition.