More than the original chain BTM officially launched BHEX exchange

At two o'clock this afternoon, BHEX announced that it was officially launched on the exchange than the original BTM. Currently, it has been able to trade USDT/BTM trading pairs on the BHEX exchange. BHEX (Blue Helix) is a new generation of innovative crypto-asset financial services company founded by Ju Jianhua in 2018. The core team comes from the world's top Internet and financial companies, including Google, Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, Barclays Bank and Societe Generale. Top companies such as banks, through independent research and development of decentralized Bluehelix managed clearing blockchain technology, are committed to providing financial-grade crypto asset trading and asset management services to users around the world. Compared with the original chain as a domestic high-quality blockchain project, the BHEX is also recognized by the users and the market.