Liu Zhiwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hongda Capital and President of Hong Kong Dongying Group, became a second largest shareholder

It is understood that the devaluation is based on the blockchain alliance chain technology to achieve a workplace resume search system, designed to help B-side companies reduce the high cost of back-adjustment, uncover the resume lies, to falsely save the truth, let the workplace "devil" There is nowhere to act. Liu Zhiwei, the chairman of the board of directors of Hongda Capital and the executive director and president of Hong Kong Dongying Group, became a second-largest shareholder in depreciation. According to Liu, the design of the depreciation project from blockchain design to the certificate model has been achieved. The ultimate, depreciation in the future will reduce the cost of back-to-back and recruitment costs for the company, making the resume more realistic and making recruitment more efficient. In the future, the devaluation project will be connected to the Singapore Foundation Points CMDT and HKDT as a pass for user and business enquiries, which will be depreciated and will be available in the future.