Hangzhou people will buy a house and the car will have new changes, and the "blockchain notarization system" will be online soon.

In Hangzhou, individuals must buy a house and a car on the card to shake the number, some people have been shaken for a long time, they have doubts about the shake system. The reporter learned from relevant parties that this doubt will soon be completely dispelled. A new system called “blockchain notarization” is undergoing internal testing. If everything goes well, it will be launched at the end of the month. The biggest feature is to ensure the transparency of the lottery. Trustworthy.

Blockchain guarantees transparent and reliable

The “Blockchain Notarization” system was jointly developed by Hangzhou Internet Notary Office and Hangzhou Fun Chain Technology Co., Ltd. The former is the first Internet notary institution in China and has access to the major public utility lottery system in Hangzhou; the latter is internationally leading. The blockchain industry is a quasi-unicorn, and its developed alliance blockchain has been adopted by many important financial institutions and technology giants at home and abroad.

Xie Yangjie, director of the Chain Chain Technology Depository Business, said that because of its de-intermediation, traceability and non-tamperability, the blockchain can naturally be highly integrated with the law, especially the deposit certificate business.

She gave an example. Recently, the black hole photo copyright incident was aroused. If the photo was taken from the moment of birth, the copyright owner would upload its characteristic value to the blockchain, that is, to deposit the certificate, then the whole world You don't need to go to an agency to find out who its copyright holder is.

The “blockchain notarization lottery”, which is undergoing internal testing, is a brand new lottery system that uses blockchain technology. It will link the lottery rules and related information of all participants. Once someone is doing the tricks in the lottery, they will leave traces. And then you can find the party. In fact, there is no chance of cheating in this system. Moreover, the person involved in the lottery does not need to pay extra costs, nor does it add other procedures.

Xu Xiaowei, head of the Hangzhou Internet Notary Office, said that in the current environment of limited social resources, the fairness and fairness of the lottery is especially important to the public. The “blockchain notarization” system can effectively reduce the interference of human factors, ensure the validity and fairness of the lottery, reduce the cost and cost of notarization, and effectively improve the notarization credibility of the lottery project.

Blockchain technology has achieved good results in the judicial field

In fact, in Hangzhou, blockchain technology has achieved good results in the judicial field.

According to a data from the Hangzhou Internet Court, as of the end of April 2019, the Hangzhou Internet Court introduced blockchain technology for only half a year, and the rate of IPR disputes increased from 82.3% to 95.3%, an increase of 13%. . Of the cases that were settled before the prosecution, 47% of the cases reached a mediation agreement on the same day.

The blockchain first introduced by the Hangzhou Internet Court came from Ant Financial. Jiang Guofei, the vice president of Ant Financial and the head of the ant blockchain, said that the most difficult thing in intellectual property disputes is to obtain evidence. One of the most important reasons is that traditional electronic evidence can be accepted by the court.

For example, electronic evidence is scattered, incomplete, lost; photos have been modified, audio and video have been edited; time of electronic evidence has been changed… will result in electronic evidence not being accepted by the court.

In September last year, the Hangzhou Internet Court launched the first blockchain electronic evidence platform in the country. The prosecutor submitted evidence online, which can be completed in one minute, and at least one week in the past. With this technology, even if the photo is just rotated, it will be recorded.

According to Xiao Fangxun, director of the Hangzhou Internet Court Research Office, thanks to the extensive application of blockchain technology, in 2018, the online filing rate of Hangzhou Internet Court was as high as 98.3%, and the disposal efficiency was very high. For example, the Taobao platform and the Hangzhou Internet Court online litigation platform have achieved docking. When the parties sue, as long as the order number of a case is entered, the order data of the Taobao platform will be automatically transmitted to the online litigation platform to generate evidence of the basic transaction, including the transaction. Snapshots, transaction logs, and order information.

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The original title is: Hangzhou people will buy a house and the car will have new changes.

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