Gongxinbao will carry out a series of overseas activities, and significant progress has been made in internationalization.

The GXChain team of Gongxinbao will conduct global activities overseas from May 10th to 15th. Among them, on May 10, they will travel to Seoul, South Korea, to have in-depth exchanges with many top blockchain institutions in Korea. The Korean version of Gongxinbao Brock City will also be online. From May 10th to 12th, the Gongxinbao North American team will participate in the Boston Blockchain Week hackathon as a special sponsor and participant, and jointly guide the on-site development with top blockchain projects such as BitShares and Tezos. From May 13th to 15th, the Gongxinbao North American team will attend the Consensus 2019 New York Consensus Conference as the main speaker and hold a series of blockchain exchange activities during the conference. At the meeting, Gongxinbao will officially announce the launch of the GXChain2019 North American DApp Developer Contest.