Report: Hackers tend to use cryptocurrencies to clean or transfer funds, and the proportion of state-supported hacking increases

US data carrier Verizon's Data Disclosure Survey (DBIR) shows that ransomware is ranked as the second most popular malware, accounting for about 24% of all recorded cases. Since cryptocurrencies can clean and transfer funds at relatively low cost, and the risk is negligible, hackers are more likely to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to clean up stolen funds or request ransom payments. At the same time, the report also pointed out that state-supported hacking is a growing proportion of global cybercrime. After analyzing the recorded data breach incidents, it was found that 23% of the hackers belonging to the country grew compared to 2018 (12%) and 2017 (19%). The report's co-author, Gabe Bassett, said the rise in government-sponsored cybercrime meant digital espionage.