Research: The total amount of stolen cryptocurrency exchanges currently exceeds $1.35 billion, accounting for 59% in 2018.

According to The Block, the total amount stolen from cryptocurrency exchanges has exceeded $1.35 billion with the recent hacking incident in the currency. Of this $1.35 billion, it was about 59% in 2018. Interestingly, the number of hacked exchanges has remained relatively constant since 2012, changing the average amount of theft, but perhaps because of price increases. In 2019, four cryptocurrency exchanges were hacked, resulting in a loss of approximately $69 million in cryptocurrency. Specifically, the massive hacking of Mt. Gox in 2014 made this year an obvious outlier, accounting for 99% of the amount stolen in the year. Last year, there was also a huge data outlier – 62% of the stolen amount in 2018 came from Coincheck’s nearly $500 million hacking attack, the largest in history. According to the study, there are currently 42 hackers in total, but there may be some smaller hackers that have not been reported, so the actual number of hackers may be much higher. Among them, 20 hacking attacks cost less than $1 million.