Babbitt's depth, why is the power of the mainland? Professionals look at it!

Babbitt interviewed industry insiders about the news that Bitcoin's self-produced computing power fell 88% compared with the beginning of April. Chen Lei, the secretary general of the Block Chain Club of Peking University, told us: "There are people in the flood season, and the old machines in the hands are sold quickly to deploy new machines. Many machines in Bitland are non-beverage, cost. Very high, there is not much profit in the excavation, and the cash flow can be used to engage in new mining machines. Others have no money to sell futures, and their homes can always be sold in stock.” Laibit CEO Jiang Zhuoer also said: “Now only Bitcoin also has its own funds to roll production spot 17 to sell, others, core, God horse, have no money, can only produce futures according to user demand." More information: https://www.8btc .com/article/405980