Babbitt Depth | Secret Bits of the mainland powers plummet, 2 to 5 fold clearance S9 push 17 series

According to Coindesk's report. Bitcoin's monthly calculations show that as of May 7, Bitco's SHA265 algorithm (mainly used to dig BTC, BCH) has reduced its computing power to 237.29 PH / s, compared to the calculation power in early April. , a sudden drop of 88%, the reduction of 1800 PH / s calculation power equivalent to the calculation capacity of 130,000 S9 mining machines.

Once the news was sent out, it caused everyone's attention. Some media said that the computing power plummeted or related to the urgent sale of more than 100,000 S9 mining machines.

The net power of the whole network has risen steadily, and the bit Continental mines are not rising and falling.


First of all, let's see how the whole network computing power has changed recently. According to QKL123 data, on February 1st, the total network computing power was about 44EH/s, and on May 1, the whole network computing power rose to 56EH/s, and rose by 12EH/s in three months, an increase of 27%. Although the data on May 1st is the highest peak in the past six months, it may be confusing to use it to calculate the value. However, the overall trend can still be seen. With the arrival of the flood season, the computing power of the whole network continues to rise. trend.



Secondly, let's see how the proportion of the Bit Continental mine pool has changed in the last three months. According to the data of, we can see that the proportion of three-bit continental mines is 16.6%+12.7%+7.3%=36.3% in the past three months. The total share of the last 24 hours is 17.6% + 9.5% + 5.4% = 32.5%, the overall downward trend, especially in the past one month, which is basically consistent with the data released by Bitcoin.

We know that the flood season is an important moment for the layout of the mines, and the calculations held by the Bitumn are not rising and falling. Why is this? In the recent days, the NDRC has included bitcoin mining in the backward industries and ordered the news to be eliminated. We can’t help but wonder if some of the policy trends have been captured by Bitco.

With questions, Babbitt interviewed several mines, they are the soles of CEO; Becker Mine (BTC.TOP) CEO Jiang Zhuoer; Panda Mine founder Yang Xiao; founder of Mines Yu Yang; Secretary General of the Block Chain Club of Peking University and Chen Lei, the mine owner; we have clarified the real reason for the sudden drop in the power of the Bitumn, as well as the layout of the mining machine producers and mine owners during the flood season.

2 to 5 fold clearance S9, the mine owner sweeps tens of thousands of units

Why is Bitcoin's power drop suddenly?

The reasons given by the industry are very consistent. Jiang Zhuoer said: "They sold the old S9." Yu Yang also said that Bitcoin "sold the old machine, cleared the position, and prepared to push the 17 series." But for the sudden drop of 88% described in the news, the sale of more than 100,000 S9, mining pool CEO solemnly said that "only over-interpretation, the rest of the inconvenience."

Why do you want to clear your position during the flood season?

It seems illogical and actually understands well. Chen Lei told us: "There are people in the flood season, and the old machines in the hands are sold quickly to deploy new machines. Many machines in Bitland are non-beverage, the cost is very high, and there is not much profit in the excavation. The cash flow can be used to engage in new mining machines. Others have no money to sell futures, and their homes can always be sold in stock.” Jiang Zhuoer also said: “Now only Bitcoin has its own funds to roll production spot 17 to sell, The other few, core, God horse, have no money, can only produce futures according to user demand."

What is the number of clearances? What is the price? Who sold it to?

The first is the price of clearance, Chen Lei told Babbitt: "The goods in different periods must be different, 2 fold to 50% off, but in general, they have been dug for a long time, and certainly have returned."

2 to 5 fold, this price is still quite attractive, and these clearance mining machines have flowed to the hands of the Fengshui mine owners. Chen Lei told us that “there are no retail investors now, and they are basically covered by big ones.”

So, how many S9s did you sell? Bitcoin did not directly respond to the number of clearances we had, but from the buyer, we outlined the general situation. Yang Xiao said: "According to the reported data, this month lost 1800P, but he seems to have been cleared out in several batches. Now there are more than 2w of goods on the market." I also asked several large mine owners how many units were collected. Jiang Zhuoer called "more than 30,000 units." A mine owner who asked not to be named said that "Bitland has less than 20,000 S9s in my mine. I have the right to purchase, and I bought it directly." Yang Xiao told us: "The year after year I received some, and the amount is not particularly large."

Returning funds to push 17 series, the industry is selling well

Since the big guys in the mining circle think that Bitumn Clearance S9 is preparing for the new 17 series, we have inquired about the sales of the Bitland 17 series.

Chen Lei said, "I feel very good, and it is in stock, so it sells very well." Yang Xiao also said that "the new machine sales of Bitcoin is still very good, and the overall capacity of the new machine is not large." The specific sales situation does not have much third-party data, and can only be exchanged through information within the industry.

But when we continue to ask, does the mine have a layout for the 17 series? Or other new series of Bit Continental, Core, and Shenma? Yang Xiao told Babbitt: "Our main business is the graphics card. This part of our own production, the understanding of the supply chain is also relatively thorough. For ASIC, we have not bought a lot of machines, too many machines, or bit Continental The machine is mainly. So there is no problem of booking too many futures, mainly to buy machines that flow in the second-hand market, such as T15 and S15. The 17 series has been considered recently, and may wait for the price to be slightly lower before starting. Too many 17 machines."

Why not buy a new machine? Yang Xiao explained: "Because during the flood season, our electricity tariffs are relatively more, so we have not laid out the latest generation of machines, especially when their prices are still relatively high, there will be a gradual decline in price expectations for the future. ""

It can be seen that the preference of the mine owners is actually different. Yang Xiao of the Panda Mining Machine prefers the old machine. Chen Lei is also the same. He admits that "because the old machine is cheaper and faster, the new machine is not only expensive, but also not necessarily available. The new machine is mostly futures."

But not all mine owners think so, Yu Yang said, "I don't accept S9, I should accept 17." The reason is that "the old machine can't resist, the new machine is OK." He will also bit S on the mainland. The series and the T series are compared to Huawei's mate and P, and the T series's route is cost-effective, but he said that he "only plays S, does not touch the T series."

The mine is in the midst of a flood season, like a migratory bird all the way south.

For the layout of the Fengshui period, the official reply from Bitland to China is “At the same time that some S9 mining machines are sold, new mines are being built, the power is adjusted, and the company will continue to develop high-performance, low-energy products.”

The reply is very official… but from the above description, we can roughly outline it. In short, it is to sell old machines, withdraw funds, and launch new machines. Interestingly, many of the mining machines here are only from the host to the mine owner, to the mine owner, the machine or the machine, the site or the site, but the transfer of rights has occurred, and the mine owner has previously paid the electricity fee and The rent, now dug enough and then sold to the mine owner, is really a good business.

Then, how does the mine owner prepare for the flood season? Yu Yang's simple summary is six words: "Building a mine, buying a machine."

Yang Xiao explained in detail: "The focus of the flood season is at the mine end. This year we invested relatively in the infrastructure of the mine. So we are doing compound filling recently. On the one hand, it is supported by the machine, and the other is The aspect is the hosting and operation of external machines, including the warehouse corresponding to the cloud computing business. Or want to make some relatively stable money, probably this strategy."

In addition to building mines and buying machines, there is actually a very important thing, that is, “relocation”. Chen Lei told us that “when it arrived in the flood season, these machines basically turned from the northwest to the southwest hydropower station. It will be there in the past years. Pull back to the northwest in winter."

I imagined this picture in my mind, just like a migratory bird migration.

In summary, there must be a demon in the abnormal situation. The sudden drop in the power of the bit mainland is actually not true. All the causes behind it are reasonable. The sudden drop in the calculation period of the wet season is unusual for the mine, but we don’t Forgot, the more important identity of Bitland is the mining machine manufacturer. It is reported that in the middle of this month, Bitland will hold a new product launch conference and officially introduce the 17 series. S9, which must be cleared in several batches, should be returned a lot. Funds, and the deployment of the new series 17 is about to begin, and the battle of the flood season is just beginning.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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