Statistics: 78 of the 88 listed companies involved in the blockchain business have expanded their applications.

According to the inter-chain pulse statistics, 88 listed companies in China that are involved in the blockchain business are mainly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. There are 76 companies in the A-share market, accounting for 86%; there are 6 Hong Kong stocks and US stocks, each accounting for 7%. The main business of each company involves financial, software and information services, and communication. In the practice of blockchain business, it focuses on four areas: blockchain application, industrial base, industrial periphery and currency trading. Among the 88 listed companies, 64 blockchain businesses belong to the blockchain application field, accounting for 72%; 19 belong to the industrial basic field, accounting for 22%; 2 belong to the industrial peripheral areas; 2 belong to the currency trading field . From the perspective of horizontal business types and deep farming, the 88 block companies have different blockchain business developments. From the perspective of vertical development, at present, 70% of listed companies' blockchain business has developed to the practical stage, and the rest are still in the research stage. Compared with companies that develop industrial peripherals and currency trading, companies that focus on the application of blockchains account for a larger proportion. Among the 64 listed companies in the blockchain application field, 27 companies are in the financial sector, accounting for 42% of the total, and nearly half of them, 9 of these 27 companies are exploring supply chain finance (accounting for 33%). ). In addition, in addition to the financial and digital vouchers that are closely integrated with blockchain technology, the entertainment field including games, as well as the media communication and social field, are also the main directions for the development of listed companies, accounting for 12% and 11% respectively.