Is CSW really Nakamoto? This court document that can provide clues is actually mosaic

CSW (Craig Wright) lawyers successfully submitted a list of their bitcoin addresses by the deadline, which is presumed to prove whether he is really Satoshi Nakamoto. Unfortunately, this document has been modified and the parts of the address have been mosaicted, so blockchain experts cannot analyze it.


(Documents handed over to the court by CSW lawyers, image source: Scribd )

It is reported that this document was revised immediately after submission.

CSW's lawyers are very embarrassed, they know very well that journalists all over the world will definitely want to see this list. We would love to know how many bitcoins are held by Tulip Trust (CSW's discretionary trust company that manages Bitcoin).

The disclosure of these addresses also allows us to derive which blocks from which we originate and tell us about other things that we may not know about the experience of CSW in the bitcoin field.

As everyone knows, Nakamoto has left a piece of Coinbase information in the creation zone, mentioning bank rescue. The bitcoin in this block cannot be spent, but the bitcoin dug up by Nakamoto can be used. of.

Dave Kleiman's brother Ira 's lawsuit against CSW may be the court's first decision whether CSW has the right to claim to be Nakamoto. Therefore, this is one of the most important events in the field of cryptocurrency.

Some celebrities have already determined that CSW is a liar in public opinion courts, but the influence is always smaller than the US federal court.

CSW is winning or losing in this lawsuit, and has nothing to do with whether he is Nakamoto. Anti-CSW people in the cryptocurrency industry will undoubtedly think that the modification of the document is only to announce the fact that CSW is a fake Nakamoto, but from another perspective, there may be other reasons for doing so. Recent discussions about reorganizing the Bitcoin blockchain are an important reason for keeping public addresses as confidential as possible.

Despite this, the "detectors" of the blockchain industry have long been looking for a trace of Nakamoto, and the bitcoin they held has never been transferred. Since we are unable to view these addresses, even though the federal courts do exist, we do not even know if the address provided by CSW is the same as that of Nakamoto.

For CSW, the moment of either "providing evidence" or "closing up" will soon come, and he has recently begun to claim that he is Sakamoto. In an article today, he wrote:

To illustrate my history as a Bitcoin creator, I need to point out some paradoxes. First of all, there is a paradox that Nakamoto's behavior is very special. The truth is, as Nakamoto, I am willing to communicate with people with different opinions. In the process of creating bitcoin, I tried to create an honest and legal cash system. To become cash, that is, currency, bitcoin must be neutral. It is not a crime-friendly system, but a system that is friendly to most people.

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