Market analysis on May 9th: Will the resonance mode cause the BTC to rise for a few days?

A talk currency:

In the past two days, the resonance and the turbo game have alarmed the currency circle. Akong believes that the resonance game will be like FOMO, which will have a certain impact on the price of BTC, and the market will rise and then fall.

Recently, you will definitely hear the word resonance. Akong just started talking about resonance and turbine. He thought that he was talking about the modified car. Later, a friend gave Akong a detailed explanation.

Akong feels that you can use a few words to talk about the resonance of the game. It is to use BTC to change the coin. The sooner you change it, the more coins you get. The more people you invite, the more coins you get.

At the same time, some people will be awarded to the mortgage, and some will be awarded to the inviting person.

Is it very similar to last year's FOMO, Akong feels that the resonance mode is an upgraded version of FOMO, and looking at the FOMO market will have an impact on the market.

You can see that in mid-July last year, FOMO began to appear, and the wind and the currency circle, ETH currency price support strong, BTC out of the blood-sucking market, the price of the currency rose from 5,700 US dollars to 8,500 US dollars, up 50%.

FOMO attracted hundreds of millions of dollars, and FOCO announced the end of the first round on 8.22, and ETH officially opened the market.

It is worth noting that the BTC did not fall sharply, but went out of the market in September, and rose up and out of the second round of the market.

Akong felt that this was related to the BTC liquidity and the fundamentals of the market at that time. FOMO mainly received ETH. As a result, ETH had a large amount of cash-out funds at that time, which played a role in selling the price of the currency, and the price of the currency fell sharply.

So now how much money is received in the resonance coin?

In a single currency, it has raised 30,000 BTCs. It is necessary to know that BNB has been stolen by hackers and only 7,000 BTCs.

For the resonance mode, the total size of 50,000 BTCs may not be blocked. In addition, the large B network has $1 billion in platform currency financing. Will there be other funds in the market in a short time?

You will say that the resonance mode will lock most of the currency into the pool of funds, which will lock in the circulation and make the BTC rise higher. Akong feels that according to this line of thinking, the price trend of the overall resonance coin will affect The trend of BTC.

Once the resonance currency fell sharply, it indicated that the support funds were weakened, and a large amount of funds began to cash out, that is to say, the BTC was replaced by a resonance coin, and the resonance coin was exchanged for money.

Akong believes that the resonance mode and the FOMO mode have similarities, so the trend of the resonance coin has an important reference role for the current market.

Once the resonating coins collectively make a large correction, we must be careful about the market correction.


BTC saw a lot of large-value transfers. After the currency price shocked, it pulled back again. The price broke through $6028. However, the price of the currency did not rise as high as the previous breakthroughs.

The quantity can continue to weaken, indicating that the currency price will continue to fluctuate. Akong talked about the price of the currency and will continue the long-term support. As long as there is no heavy volume falling below 5,750 US dollars, the price of the currency will be consolidated.

Akong believes that the current market is dominated by BTC blood-sucking, and the movement of small-currency funds is the main trend. Since only BTC is the only one, the BTC will continue to do short-term operations. In addition, there are opportunities for pin-in, and the fishtail market is also a market. It can be oscillated according to the daily line, and it is high and low.

Next, the BTC continued its volatility at $6050.

Resistance level: 6130, 6200, 6320

Support level: 6050, 5977, 5750


Yesterday, Akong talked about EOS continuing the shock trend, entering the triangle convergence phase, the amount can continue to weaken, waiting for the BTC to change the market.

You can see that the small vertices are constantly decreasing, and the short-selling effect on the price of the currency.

Once the EOS volume falls below $4.76, the short-term will quickly bottom out.

Akong believes that EOS has a clear capital outflow trend against the standard BTC. Under the premise that the mainstream currency has no new capital injection, the price of the currency is difficult to support, and the operation can follow the key points of the BTC to make short-term short market.

Next EOS continued to consolidate at $4.91.

Resistance level: 4.91, 4.98, 5.08

Support level: 4.81, 4.76, 4.71


The amount can continue to weaken, enter the end of the triangle convergence, and continue to consolidate the market.

The small vertices continue to decrease. Akong believes that the price of the currency continues to fluctuate. The operation can be high and low, waiting for the BTC to change, and the price of the currency is up to $172.6, and then hits the top again to confirm the key resistance.

Short-term close to the zero axis, ETH will test the support below, only the volume fell below 165.3 US dollars, in order to form a new round of short positions.

Next ETH was flat at $172.6.

Resistance levels: 172.6, 175.8, 180.4

Support level: 168.7, 165.3, 162.7


Akong talked about LTC's continued weak trend yesterday, and the small apex continued to decrease, indicating that the market lacked incremental funds, so the small currency fell sharply.

The price of the currency has been weakened several times, but the amount has not been amplified, indicating that the currency price continues to fluctuate.

Akong feels that he can focus on the trend of LTC. Referring to the BTC pull-up market on the 4.2th, LTC is also the first to take the lead in the bottom line. It is the leading currency in the mainstream currency, and the price of the currency plays a key role in every move.

Next, LTC oscillated at $74.6.

Resistance level: 74.6, 76.2, 77.5

Support level: 72.7, 71.3, 70.5


The price of the currency is getting narrower and narrower, and the amount can continue to weaken, indicating that the price of the currency will continue to fluctuate.

BCH close to the zero axis, test the bottom support, you can see BCH repeatedly down to $271.6, multiple pin rebounds, indicating that the next $271.6 is the key support platform, only the volume fell below $271.6, can quickly bottom out weak Go out of the triangle convergence trend.

Akong believes that the current BCH will continue to fluctuate, and the operation waits for the BTC to change, taking the wait and see.

Short-term zero-axis bottoming, then BCH shocked at $287.8.

Resistance level: 287.8, 292.5, 304.7

Support level: 277.5, 271.6, 267.2


These two days of market is BTC outcrop, mainstream currency shocks, small currency collapse, many model coins, new coins, have begun to fall off the cliff, Akong chatted yesterday, like DGD, such a safe-haven stable currency led the rise, There will be short-term short quotes.

In the past two days, the price of USDT will rise, and the small currency will continue to be weak. There will be short-term short-term trend of mainstream currency. From the price of BTC, the first two days of A-Space talked about $6,150, which is the annual resistance barrier. It is also the above pin, which can operate the BTC in a short line, but it must be fast forward and fast.

The latter market will still be dominated by the short-term profitability of mainstream currencies. Akong suggested that it can pay attention to the key points of BTC. Once the position is broken, it will quickly change its thinking and do a good job of short-term operation of mainstream currency. BTC will continue to operate BTC long after the shock continues. The spot is fine.