GSR Capital Completes Investment in Securities Token Platform tZERO

According to CoinDesk, after months of delays and revisions to the deal agreement, Hong Kong fund GSR Capital has finally completed its investment in the subsidiary's securities token platform, tZERO. Hong Kong private equity funds did not directly purchase $30 million in tZERO tokens, but instead invested $5 million in tZERO shares in traditional forms, which is lower than the initial agreement. The investment includes $1 million, $1 million worth of RMB and $3 million worth of securities. It is reported that the Jinsha River plans to spend nearly 105 million US dollars to purchase about 3.1 million shares of Overstock, and an additional investment of 30 million US dollars to participate in tZero's ICO; the total transaction amount of up to 404 million US dollars, originally planned to be completed on December 15 last year And postponed until February this year.