US Securities Commission plans to add 4 new positions to regulate digital asset market

US Securities Commission plans to add 4 new positions to regulate digital asset market

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Jay Clayton said at a congressional budget hearing that his Office of Compliance and Review (OCIE) has classified digital assets, including encrypted digital currencies and tokens, as high-risk investments. category.

In addition, the SEC requires four new positions in the trading market segment to oversee the “main players in the securities market” and improve the committee's expertise in the digital asset market.

In addition, J. Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), said at the conference that regulators are "the speed of technological change, the non-intermediation of traditional players and business models, the need for technical literacy and big data capabilities." "There are huge challenges in other areas."

He said: "The CFTC is working hard to adapt to this environment and become a "quantitative regulator." It should be able to perform independent market data analysis (including decentralized blockchains) across different data sources without relying on self-regulatory organizations and market intermediaries. "(Mars Finance)

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