BTC stands out, the second line or the relay

Although the market looks very lively now, is the money making effect really strong now? BTC's unique market is not what we want. Such a market does not have any money-making effect, and it will form a siphon and absorb the liquidity of the altcoin. Now BTC reaches the intensive trading area we think, the volume of the area is very high. Large, it is possible to pass a full handicap. In terms of current trading volume, the probability of one-time pass is small. Up to now, in the Bitcoin contract elite account, the long-term average position ratio is 14.94%, the short-selling average position ratio is 25.07%, and the short position is far more than the long position. The current total number of BTC contract positions is approximately 56,100 BTC, and the positions have increased compared with yesterday. The strength of the bears is gradually growing, and the market may have to face a callback. The second-line targets such as ETH and BCH may form a wave of relays, and there is no chance for the altcoin.


Yesterday, the market basically only had one BTC currency in the market, and the rest of the targets all showed different degrees of decline. Although BTC still maintained a perfect offensive form, it has already hit our target position of $6,200. The risk is greater than the opportunity, at least to lower the position to deal with, the pressure on the top, or quickly pull up to above 6,800 US dollars, or honestly callback, once again fell below 5,850 US dollars, the small double head is established, the trend is downward.


ETH oscillates on the 5 antennas for 4 days. During the period, the pressure line is not broken. The breakthrough is effective. The daily-level macd indicator is on the zero-axis. The bull shape is intact. If you break through the $175 again, you may pull out at any time. Yang line, temporarily maintain the first target position at 185 US dollars unchanged, do a good job of defense, once again fall back below the downward pressure line will test the support of 150 dollars.


XRP has been hovering near the low point, the funding attention is not high, the current average moving system of the target is short, and the macd indicator is in a weak area below the zero axis. At any time, the diving may fall below your lowest point, pay attention to the risk. In principle, there is no important pressure on the $0.32, and it is recommended to wait and see.


BCH is oscillating around 285 US dollars, and the volume of contraction is almost the same. It should be selected as soon as possible. If it breaks above the upper rail, it will once again test the pressure of 346.5 US dollars. If it falls below 285 US dollars, it may lower the channel line again. The support of the lower rail.


EOS once again stood above 4.8 US dollars, the volume continued to shrink, the shock may be up to 5.2 US dollars after the consolidation, the upper pressure is strong, in order to pass this point, you need the volume of cooperation, once again fell below 4.8 US dollars, will Go back to the long last line of defense of $4.4.


After the LTC broke through the downward pressure line, it oscillated. The 5-day moving average of the target once again turned head to the 10-day moving average of the dead fork. It formed pressure on the price of the currency, and it is very likely that it will make a double dip. It can attack the pressure of $83.


Today's BNB shrinks Changyue to break the $20 mark. The shrinkage may not be good, because the initial decline is shrinking, the target may be further down to 17.3 US dollars, when will panic selling, when Will stop falling and rebound, the risk is greater, maintain the previous judgment, do not recommend attention.

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