China rushes to the highlands and publishes the world's first telecommunication industry blockchain application white paper

Event: On the afternoon of May 7, 2019, the Trusted Blockchain Promotion Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion Plan”) held its third plenary meeting in Nanjing, where the world’s first “blockchain telecommunications industry application was released. white paper".

Leading domestic telecom industry companies have released the world's first telecommunication industry blockchain application white paper to capture the blockchain highland. "Blockchain Telecom Industry Application White Paper (Version 1.0)" is led by China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Unicom Institute, Huawei, ZTE, Interest Chain Technology, Chinachem Communications, Zhixing Wanyuan, and linkage advantages. The family unit has written and completed. The blockchain telecommunications industry white paper examines in detail the origin of blockchain technology and the status quo of development at home and abroad. It focuses on the basic principles of blockchain, key technologies, blockchain meaning and value, from the development status, solutions and development strategies. Starting from one direction, the application of eight blockchain telecommunications industries such as telecommunication equipment management, dynamic spectrum management and sharing, digital identity authentication and multi-access edge computing is discussed in detail. The release of the white paper provides support for the development of blockchain technology in the telecommunications industry.

The global giants are rushing to lay out blockchains, and the industry continues to blossom. In recent years, blockchain has become one of the most important areas for countries and giant companies. The blockchain industry is no longer an emerging field for start-up companies. On the contrary, international giants are vying to lay out blockchains. In 2019, JP Morgan Chase, Facebook, Japan's Mitsubishi Financial Group and Amazon have clearly proposed clear blockchain applications and solutions. At the same time, the blockchain continues to blossom in many industries, and the prospects are bright. Taking China as an example, the blockchain is accelerating in the fields of digital copyright, chain finance, digital identity, etc. The encryption and non-tampering features of blockchain books can solve the pain problems of these industries.

With the continuous integration of blockchain, AI and 5G, the Internet business model will be more decentralized, reconstructing data value, hardware and Internet architecture from three levels: algorithm, computing power and data. The blockchain provides a large peer-to-peer peer-to-peer account network, where management data and accounts are no longer dependent on the central server, making it possible for massive personal terminals to jointly manage data and account systems. The encryption features of the blockchain ensure that individuals enjoy ownership of the data, which will reshape the architecture and value distribution model of the information network. The 5G communication network provides the basic support for massive data transmission and terminal computing power. Under the trend of the Internet going to the center, it is inseparable from the promotion of 5G edge computing network. The 5G edge network and fog computing will provide the basis for network communication next time, while the edge network architecture and data communication model will spawn new products and business models.

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risk warning

Regulatory policy uncertainty. At present, the blockchain is in the early stage of development. There are certain uncertainties in the management of blockchain technology, project financing and tokens in various countries around the world. Therefore, there is uncertainty in the development of industry company projects.

Blockchain infrastructure development is not up to expectations. Blockchain is the core technology for solving supply chain finance and digital identity. At present, blockchain infrastructure can not support high-performance network deployment. Decentralization and security will have some restraint on high performance. Blockchain infrastructure exists. Develop risks that are not up to expectations.