Ma Xiaofeng, Director of Shanghai Blockchain Technology Research Center: Blockchain talents are to some extent pseudo-demand

According to People's Daily News, Ma Xiaofeng, director of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Research Center and director of the Block Chain Research Institute of Tongji District, said in an interview that the blockchain talent is somewhat pseudo-demand because of any rational technology. Development has its own rules. The expansion of talent demand in the past year or two is more of a demand for the 'coin circle', not the demand for real blockchain talents. He also pointed out that "many people see irrational currency prices and pounce on the 'blockchain', most of them are engaged in peripheral operations such as community operations and marketing that have nothing to do with blockchain technology. Wait until the currency market is down. They jumped out of the currency circle, but because of their own knowledge structure, it is very difficult to find a job in a real blockchain technology company. In addition, the blockchain is in the early stages of development, and there are very few companies that really land. Not as big as the media publicity."