In order to promote the commercialization of a larger scale, the blockchain giants of Ali, Thunder, Baidu and Jingdong changed in spring and summer.

In 2018, the Chinese blockchain entered the BIG-TECH era. This year, large and medium-sized Internet companies and financial companies have released their own blockchain platform products. For example, Thunder is the first to release the Thunderbolt chain. Then, Tencent released TBaaS, Baidu released the super chain, Ali released the ant blockchain BaaS, and Jingdong released the JD chain…

A year later, these technology companies are more motivated in the blockchain. At the beginning of April, the JD Chain, the underlying blockchain of Jingdong District, announced that it would open up and synchronize the open source community. After Baidu launched the blockchain engine BBE platform in February, it also revealed recently that its blockchain system is about to open source.

Ali's ant Jinfu, after listing the ant blockchain of the independent blockchain company at the beginning of the year, recently said that it will issue digital assets on the blockchain with "some form of a token".

On April 10th, Thunderbolt also released a series of new technologies and web development tools including support EVM, WASM dual virtual machine, etc. – Catalyst, further improve the development environment, improve development efficiency, and accelerate the implementation area. The development and landing of blockchain applications.

From the open source openness of the blockchain technology, the improvement of the incentive mechanism, and the application of the scenario, Chinese Internet companies have not only accelerated the pace of exploration after nearly two years of blockchain testing, but also began to “start”. Seeking change, the purpose of the same goal is the same – in order to apply the blockchain to the real economy.

BAJ and Thunder collectively adjust blockchain strategic layout

Among the Internet companies, Thunder is the earliest in the field of blockchain, and the strategic layout of the blockchain is also the fastest.

After Thunder released a high-performance backbone with a million TPS and TCFS file system, Thunderbolt is aiming at the breakthrough of storage, expansion performance, and improved blockchain development environment.

On April 10 this year, Xunlei Chain released four new technologies in one breath, including the first to support the EVM and WASM dual virtual machine modes, the first to implement the algorithm of signing the reverse public key in the national secret system, and reduce the storage space in the national secret scene. Demand and other industry technology breakthroughs, as well as revolutionary storage snapshots, fundamentally reduce node storage pressure, improve node startup speed, practical and feasible privacy protection solutions.

This time along with the dual virtual machine announced, there is a new web development tool, Xunlei chain named it Catalyst – catalyst, is intended to catalyze the accelerated completion of blockchain application development.

The launch of this series of new technologies, Thunderbolt, will undoubtedly build a more powerful development environment, further improving the development efficiency of blockchain applications, and making the Thunderbolt fuller in the application of 2B and 2C applications and enabling the real economy. The imagination of the space.

In addition to the Thunderbolt chain, Baidu also reorganized the development direction of the blockchain business this year. From the beginning of the BaaS platform as an entry point, the Baidu blockchain engine BBE platform was launched early this year to build an open source and commercialized block. Chain operating system", force DAPP application development.

In order to deepen the blockchain business, Ant Financial has set up two subsidiary ant blockchains and ant double chains at the beginning of this year to focus on the business application scenarios of blockchain. Not only that, Zhang Hui, the person in charge of the ant gold service blockchain, recently revealed that Ant Financial is exploring similar incentives in the alliance chain to promote more efficient collaboration and value transfer between enterprises.

In fact, as early as last year, Zhang Hui pointed out that the overall strategy of the ant blockchain is based on the alliance chain, breaking through the commercial and financial application scenarios. And recently, at the third "Block Chain Business Summit" (BoB), it is exploring how to issue digital assets on the blockchain with "some form of a token", or exactly A breakthrough in further promoting the credible financial-grade application of assets.

Jingdong has released the blockchain BaaS platform last year. In April this year, JD Chain, the underlying blockchain of Jingdong Block, officially opened up and synchronized the open source community to provide open source services for enterprise users and developers.

In addition, has re-released a white paper this year. In the new white paper, JD has not only announced 14 representative applications, but also focused on models for SME and large enterprise application deployment, as well as with the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The blockchain joint laboratory jointly established by the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences seeks the iterative and breakthrough of the next-generation technology development of the blockchain to promote the implementation of larger-scale commercial applications.

From the perspective of time schedule, domestic Internet companies have a longest blockchain business in the past two years, but why have they adjusted their strategic layout in the near future?

From the demand side, since the second half of last year, the application requirements of domestic government, finance, traceability, copyright and other 2B fields have become more and more vigorous. BATJ and Thunder have already accumulated a certain amount in the process of testing 2B application scenarios, and the blockchain has been adjusted. The strategic layout is to better meet the market demand.

On the other hand, with the continuous breakthrough of the blockchain technology of domestic Internet companies, the blockchain business is gradually increasing its strategic core business. For example, Jingdong has positioned the blockchain as one of the group-level technical strategies, and is one of the four core technical capabilities of ABCD (AI, blockchain, cloud computing, big data). Another example is the blockchain engine BBE platform launched by Baidu, which is also one of the core products of its ABC (AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing) technology strategy.

In fact, since the beginning of 2019, the entire blockchain industry has become illusory, and industrial development has become more and more focused on application. For domestic Internet companies, whether it is cutting Token business, exploring alliance chain integration mechanism, developing DAPP application development, or building open source and open blockchain operating system, the collective adjustment strategy layout of Internet companies is to explore suitable Its own development path will better empower the real economy.

Internet giant blockchain application

Two years ago, compared with the high-profile overseas public chain, domestic Internet companies appeared to be relatively low-key in terms of blockchain layout, but they have made rapid progress in promoting the application of blockchain. Especially with the blockchain's virtual fire retreat, BATJ, Thunder and so on have become the backbone of the blockchain to empower the real economy.

From the perspective of industry distribution, the application scenarios of blockchains in domestic Internet companies cover more than ten fields such as government affairs, finance, traceability, copyright, and public welfare. Among them, government affairs and finance are the application scenarios that BAT focuses on.

(BAT, Thunder, Jingdong blockchain application distribution statistical mapping: inter-chain pulse)

In the government affairs scene, Tencent and Alibaba mainly focus on blockchain electronic invoices. Up to now, the blockchain electronic invoices developed by the two companies in cooperation with the State Administration of Taxation have covered travel, catering, parking, medical care, claims and In many areas such as consumer finance, the electronic invoices in the blockchain of Tencent District have exceeded 1.5 million invoices as of the end of March. The application of Baidu in the government affairs scene is mainly to cooperate with the Beijing Internet Court to build a balance chain to help the “judicial + blockchain” land.

In the financial scene, BAT mainly focuses on the supply chain finance field. For example, in November last year, Tencent and Lianyi jointly created the “micro-enterprise chain”. The next month, Baidu Xiaoman and Tianfeng Securities cooperated with “Zhongtai Tianfeng-Jinbao”. Beijiao Supply Chain Finance Phase 1 Asset Support Special Plan", as well as the "Double Chain Link" of Ant Financial Service launched in January this year.

Among domestic Internet companies, Thunder is the company with the most application blocks in the blockchain. Mutual chain pulse statistics, currently more than 10 project application scenarios in the chain of lightning chain, covering the fields of traceability, copyright, public welfare, insurance, medical care, games and travel.

For example, in terms of copyright, Xunlei not only issued the China Digital Copyright Unique Mark (DCI) standard alliance chain in conjunction with the China Copyright Center, but also won the bid for Southern Media's “blockchain founding node system construction project”. In terms of traceability, the turquoise traceability system and Quantum cloud code has been launched on the Thunderbolt chain. In the public welfare field, Xunlei Chain has cooperated with the One Foundation to promote the application of blockchain as early as May last year.

(BAT, Thunder, Jingdong partition blockchain application case statistical mapping: interchain pulse)

In contrast, due to the relatively late layout chain block time,'s application landing stage is also slower. At present, the application scenarios of the blockchain in Jingdong District mainly include several key areas such as government affairs, finance, traceability and electronic deposit.

However, with the launch of JD Chain, the underlying engine of the Jingdong blockchain in early April, the performance of the blockchain in Jingdong District and the development of application scenarios have brought more imagination to the industry.

Since 2019, the open source and openness of the underlying blockchain platform has become the consensus of more and more Internet companies. It is foreseeable that the blockchain technology will be popularized in more and wider application scenarios. Blockchain empowerment The real economy is no longer just a slogan.

Author: Mutual chain pulse senior editor · Liangshan Huarong

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