Coin Security transferred 8 million ERC20 USDT to the new cold wallet yesterday

According to AMBCrypto news, at 20:35 on May 9th, Beijing time, the currency will transfer a total of 8 million USDT (about 809.07 million US dollars) to the new cold wallet. The transaction was transferred from 0x3f5ce5fbfe3e9af3971dd833d26ba9b5c936f0be to 0x1c0eace770a15d160a4c217bb69653d3a6db4239. The transaction hash is 0x7a551287cd5cd71aa6ee12b0b00d812330957a31ea358e844fdedb9d6d76217d. Zhao Changpeng said on his Twitter that the currency will transfer some ERC20 USDT to the new cold wallet. The funds are safe, no need to worry, you can also see a transaction that turns back to the hot wallet. As of press time, the initial address of 0x3f5ce5 is currently USDT balance of 119 million USDT, and the current address of 0x1c0eac is currently USD.99 million USDT (transferred 100 USDT).