A battle worth 100,000+ dollars: Peter Rizun yells at Adam Back for expansion debate

As long as Adam Back (Blockstream CEO) takes 1 hour, more than $100,000 in donations can be donated to charity. The premise is that he will debate with Peter Rizun of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) during this one-hour period, explaining why the expansion of large blocks is not desirable. At first, only Roger Ver promised to donate $10,000 for this debate, and then Paxful's Ray Youssef expressed willingness to provide an additional $100,000.


a debate worth 100,000+ dollars

On April 27th, Adam Back proposed that people who advocate the use of GB-level blocks (ie, large blocks) are no different from those who support the Earth's flat theory. He pointed out that most protocol experts believe that synchronizing all nodes is too onerous.

BU chief scientist Peter Rizun told people on Twitter that to remember Back's comments, he said that GB-level blocks, like streaming video, are not impossible today.

Rizun details that there is no physical law that prevents the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) protocol from expanding globally. “In fact, there is no need for major technological breakthroughs, as long as the most advanced technology is built,” Rizhun asserts. On Rizun's Twitter, Back replied that this route is "wrong architecture", he believes that there are more feasible ways, and that he can provide some design ideas for some large block supporters.

Later, Rizun decided to challenge Back on Peter McCormack's show, which was based on the value of the bitcoin chain and the expansion of the chain.

Others have launched a vote on Twitter: Do you want to see Peter Rizun and Adam Back debate on Bitcoin's chain and chain expansion on Peter McCormack's show? About 650 people participated in the vote, and 63% said they would like to see this debate.

The next day, Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver suggested that if Back agrees to debate, he is willing to donate $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency to any charity chosen by Back.

In this regard, Back did not give any reply. On May 8, Ray Youssef, CEO of P2P Bitcoin trading platform Paxful, decided to provide more funds to support this debate. He will produce Bitcoin and BCH worth $100,000 to build two schools for 1,200 children in Kenya.

In recent years, Paxful's efforts in philanthropy have been obvious to all. Its Built With Bitcoin program has demonstrated the power of cryptocurrencies, which have built schools in Africa with cryptocurrencies.

Touching the party Peter Rizun

BU is a technology development team. It was mainly focused on the development of the Bitcoin network. Currently, there are still 25 nodes in the Bitcoin network using the BU client. The team supports chain expansion, so after the birth of BCH, it began to add support gradually, and its client also supports BSV (Bitcoin SV) network. However, a week ago Rizun launched a vote, suggesting that its clients give up support for the BSV.

Rizun is a typical big block supporter, but it also opposes the lightning network. He has repeatedly pointed out on the social media that there are loopholes in the lightning network, it is not feasible, and published extreme views. Therefore, many Bitcoin developers and early supporters have expressed reluctance to talk to Rizun and think that he is not even a person in the cryptocurrency.

In fact, the expansion debate has been going on for years, and the core idea of ​​cryptocurrency is freedom. In this free market, whatever you do is your own choice. This is also the reason for the birth of BCH. Since the birth of BCH, large block and block supporters have their favorite goals. They should contribute to their respective supported currencies through various means such as technology, rather than immersing themselves in endless battles every day.

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