Getting started with blockchain: Mobile mining? Innovation or oolong?

"A mobile phone is 4580 yuan, 8-9 coins per day, the initial price is 5-10 yuan, and the over-the-counter purchase price is 4-5 yuan. Three months without returning the package to refund the refund." The cryptocurrency became hot. At the moment of investment, is such a slogan very tempting?

If the mobile phone is combined with the blockchain application, the degree of convenience is unquestionable for the mining machine with higher requirements on the site. But is it really reliable in the mining behavior that requires a lot of computing power? In this issue of Avalon Elementary School, Xiaobian will analyze the mobile phone mining projects in the market.

(APPstore's mobile phone mining project)

Can the mobile phone's computing power dig out Bitcoin?

In fact, mobile phone mining and mining of professional mining machines are fundamentally irrelevant. Mining requires a lot of energy as a support, and the computing power and battery life of mobile phones cannot be compared with shoulder mining machines and PCs.

1, take the POS mechanism to mine, the mobile phone provides computing power, through the CPU calculation to "mining." From the point of view of the mining ability of mobile phones, there are media estimates. Assuming that a smart phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor (higher-level mobile phone configuration) and a mining speed of 4,600 kHz/s can generate a value of $0.00000477 a day. Bitcoin. If you want to dig up a complete bitcoin, it will take more than 20 million years. . . So the possibility of mobile phones digging into mainstream currencies (bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) is very low.

2, through the human click to browse, click to complete the task and other mechanisms, do not consume computing power. Many mobile phone mining apps are under the guise of the POW consensus mechanism, but in order to capture personal privacy information. For example, in order to promote and enhance user stickiness, a mobile phone mining app proposes to measure the computing power of each user with personal credit.

(A mobile phone mining software automatically digs in the treasure)

That is to say, the virtual currency is not based on digging, but on distribution (the higher the credit, the higher the computing power is obtained, and the higher the mining compensation is.) If you want to improve your computing power, you must bind your own face recognition information, information network information, Jingdong information, and so on. The more you leak, the more people get.

What currency is the mobile phone mining?

In fact, the first mobile phone advertisement is a typical circle of money that was once popular in the second and third-tier cities of the “mining mobile phone” brand New Cloud. The token dug out by this phone is called NEWC, but in fact there is no exchange on the currency. The project party has built an exchange called “diiex” for trading NEWC coins, less than half a year because Improper maintenance has closed down, and investors who are looking forward to it find that there is no channel to trade.

(NEW CLOUD mining mobile phone)

There are many virtual currency teams like this. In order to promote their own virtual currency, the mobile APP is packaged as a mining program, but most of the coins excavated by the mobile APP can not be used for the time being, or there is no transaction value after the money is raised. The blockchain smartphones they sell are actually ordinary mobile phones with the project side APP installed.

According to statistics, there are currently 2,000 types of cryptocurrencies available for trading on the market, and more “air coins” and “cottage coins” are innumerable, but due to regulatory difficulties, the cryptocurrency field is chaotic. Even some MLM gangs, in the name of mobile phone mining, let users invest money and continue to develop the offline, to create a variety of tokens, to deceive blindly from the gold digger who wants to join the mining boom.

I hope that friends who are investing in digital currency through mining will choose to purchase professional mining machines. In order to ensure the stability of income, we should choose the currency with the highest consensus in the choice of virtual currency.