The report shows that the encryption and certification industry is in the process of survival of the fittest and self-renewal.

On May 10th, TokenInsight released the Global Encryption Quantification Fund Industry Research Report: 1. The market value and transaction volume of the encryption and certification market are smaller in the global proportion, but the growth is rapid. 2. Encryption is becoming an important part of the global asset allocation. 3. The encrypted pass trading market has passed three rounds of bulls and bears in the past ten years. Quantitative trading has become one of the few bear marketes that can stabilize profits, and is gradually accepted by the market. 4. Encrypted and certified quantitative trading has relatively stable returns. The advantages of risk control and two-way trading are important revenue generation channels in the industry. 5. Currently, the global quantitative funds are mainly distributed in the United States, China, Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia. The quantitative funds in China are mainly distributed in the north. Large cities such as Shenzhen; 6. A large number of cryptographic vouchers have entered the market from 2017 to 2018, and the scale is generally small. At present, most of the quantitative funds are below 1,000 BTC, and most of the products they issue are between 100-300 BTC; 7. BitMEx and OKEx are the exchanges accepted by the most quantitative funds of all exchanges. In terms of trading asset types, BTC is a mandatory currency for quantitative funds; 8. The encryption and certification industry is undergoing a process of survival of the fittest and self-renewal. The market will develop in the direction of diversification of trading varieties, market compliance, quantification of fund specialization, and rationalization of revenue.