The data shows that on May 9th, EOS Dapp is active 10 times more than ETH, and the transaction amount is more than 4 times.

According to the big data monitoring of RatingDapp and RatingToken, on May 9th, ETH Dapp eco-active Dapps (active users greater than 0) had 256 models, 14844 daily active users, and the number of daily transactions was 83,760, and the daily transaction amount was 394,584.47 US dollars. The Dapp with the highest number of transactions is IDEX, accounting for 15.05% of the total transactions; EOS Dapp has 232 active Dapps, 143148 daily active users, 3622610 daily transactions, and daily trading volume is 16336747.84 USD, among which the transaction pen The highest Dapp is HASH BABY, accounting for 26.32% of the total number of transactions. RatingToken analysts believe that EOS seizes the gambling Dapp outbreak bonus period, active users and transaction data are ahead of ETH, but does not rule out the possibility of EOS group group account volume; ETH head Dapp to the center of the transaction accounted for a relatively high, The proportion of each type of Dapp is more reasonable and is more conducive to ecological and healthy development.