The data shows that the BTC market traffic growth is slow, and the bullish potential is weakened.

According to TokenInsight data, among the 28 segments closely watched by TokenInsight, the highest increase in 24 hours was for the social and content platform industry, which was 4.41%; the highest decline in 24 hours was for the centralized exchange industry, with a decrease of 5.38%. According to monitoring, the number of BTC active addresses decreased by 4.15% compared with the previous day, but the number of transfers increased by 44.49%. BCtrend analyst Jeffrey believes that BTC market traffic growth is slow, long positions are weakening, and short-term consolidation. According to the quantitative analysis of BitUniverse, the highest price difference between USDS/USDT and PAX/USDT is 3%, and there is a short-term arbitrage opportunity.