Babbitt Academy's 1st anniversary heavy upgrade! There are also Microsoft, Baidu, and Weizhong Bank for free classes for everyone! (There are benefits at the end of the article)

Babbitt College has been established for more than one year!  

In the past year, we have conducted 5 offline trainings, and invited nearly 30 lecturers from the founder of Babbitt, Duan Xinxing, the former CEO of the chain, and Zhang Yifeng, the director of the China Banknote Block Chain Technology Research Institute. More than 200 blockchain practitioners and technology enthusiasts, we choose to communicate with each student face to face.

Every time I talked to them about the persistence and love of the blockchain industry, Babbitt College also found this thing worth doing.

Babbitt College and the industry have experienced ebb and flow, facing many uncertainties;

But what we insist on is the innovative and breakthrough value of this industry;

We also find that the blockchain industry is also moving towards a good trend of commercial landing, and as a result, it will be perceived by more and more people.

Half a year ago, we wanted to try to connect with more blockchain enthusiasts. We wanted to find a group of people who were curious about the blockchain. They are trying to learn the blockchain technology or blockchain business operations and accompany them to grow up. .

This may not be the way to go offline.

Today, half a year later, our colleagues at Babbitt College have repeatedly discussed and polished. We have made a difficult situation (we are destined to invest a lot of manpower and resources) but I believe it must be a decision that is beneficial to the development of the industry:

We will open a free online learning course and invite teachers from Babbitt College to design a special course each month. (For example, in May, it is a famous enterprise month. We invited experts from Microsoft, Baidu and Weizhong Bank to come to you. Share) , share with you who love the blockchain industry.


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I want to talk to you below, what industry we have seen recently and what teachers have asked us during our first special month.

Perhaps you will understand and support more , why Babbitt College is going to do this.


Entering the blockchain, double the salary

Extremely scarce, unable to recruit a suitable talent


The blockchain industry is facing the challenge of talent shortage.

“One million annual salary does not attract a suitable development” , not only the blockchain technical talents, but also the blockchain operation.

According to the data provided by the Inter-Chain Pulse "2019 Blockchain Industry Supply and Demand Report", the gap between blockchain enterprises and traditional Internet companies in the same position is as high as 1.9 times.

The blockchain industry does not require professional skills and does not require a class.

As we all know, Vitalik (known as "V God"), the founder of the smart contract ETH, also relied on the Internet to learn at the age of 19, thus establishing the world's second largest smart contract ecosystem.


Vitalik Buterin Founder of Ethereum

Seeing this, you will definitely ask the question – "Since the industry is low, why are there a lot of talent?"

Blockchain practitioners are divided into two parts: one is technical R&D and the other is product operation.

Technology R&D personnel need to understand computers, cryptography, and economics, and there is no systematic learning in the current education market;

Although operators do not need to have too strong technology, they need to know the development trend of the blockchain industry in time.

Last year, the People’s Daily published an article on the overseas edition. The domestic blockchain has a talent gap of more than 500,000 in the whole industry. The reason is that many colleges do not have a blockchain professional, or there is no plan for talent training for the blockchain industry.

In contrast, the 18-year increase is as high as 150%. In the current market environment, if the growth is unchanged, the current domestic blockchain industry will have a talent gap of more than one million.

Faced with such a huge job market, for the development of the industry, Babbitt College has value and needs to do this.


Blockchain industry blue ocean

With the support of the government, the results are remarkable.

Entrepreneurs who are attracted by the "blockchain" exaggeration expectations are leaving.

As the blockchain industry is still in the early stage of reasonable development, exploration and innovation, and the application of technology is immature, enterprises and the public lack sufficient understanding of blockchain technology.

Onlookers' view is that the blockchain has experienced the bitcoin era and extended to smart contracts. The ICO, which exploded last year, has also intensified it into the realm of “Tomorrow's Yellow Flower”, convinced that the unscrupulous practitioners only live on their own. In the delusion.

The researchers who applied the deep-growing blockchain industry to tell us that the blockchain has entered our lives, and dozens of application scenarios such as medical, transportation, energy, finance, legal services, and social services are embracing the block. Chain this technology.

According to the CCID Block Chain Research Institute, there are currently 29 provincial-level administrative districts with relevant policy on blockchain, and a total of 149 blockchain-related policy plans. In particular, on December 8 , 17th, Huangpu District of Guangzhou announced the “Measures for the Development of Blockchain Industry in the Gold Development Zone of Guangzhou Development Zone in Huangpu District, Guangzhou”, which awarded a maximum of 5 million rewards to technical R&D institutions, and the government embraced the blockchain in one fell swoop. The first shot .

Under the reward, the results are remarkable.

The country's first "blockchain + AI" business license, issued at the end of the first quarter of 19, in the Huangpu District Government Service Hall.

Applicants can use the one-click entry of WeChat small program to complete the business licenses, engraving and filing, bank account opening, tax invoice application and other processes.

This technology shortens the entire application process to 15 minutes and reduces unnecessary 100+ options. At the same time, it also solves the problem that due to the independence of each department system, applicants need multiple departments and multiple windows repeatedly submit the same materials. problem.


Giant running

Blockchain gradually supports all walks of life

Perhaps it is more appropriate now that the blockchain has gradually entered the commercial era.

As early as 2015, Microsoft launched the "Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)" program.

In the past four years, Microsoft has carried out a series of layouts in the blockchain industry, such as:

Helping Xiubao Technology to promote “blockchain hotel concept and blockchain travel ecology” to solve trust problems and cooperation problems through blockchain; provide technical support for JP Morgan Chase to help develop Quorum platform;

Cooperate with Yongan to develop blockchain copyright management system to solve the problem of difficult copyright management and high cost of rights protection.

Looking back at the domestic market, giants such as "BAT" are gradually forming an ecological potential in the field of blockchain.

Tencent's "to catch the demon together", in the view of blockchain practitioners, this is a game for them.

On April 11 this year, Tencent released the "blockchain + AR" explosions mobile game "to make a demon together", directly to the top of the APP Store's total list (free) first. This opens up new ideas for us. In the game scene, we spread the blockchain technology to the outside world and subtly let people accept this technology.


As early as August 10, 2018, the country's first blockchain invoice, which was supported by Tencent, was opened in Shenzhen Guomao Rotating Restaurant. At the same time, Shenzhen has also become a pilot city for blockchain electronic invoices nationwide.

Ali is biased towards the side of the alliance chain.

In October 18, Alibaba Cloud cooperated with Microsoft, Xiao Ant, and Fa Dao to develop the "French Chain", launched the mailbox storage product based on the Alibaba Cloud platform, and stored the mail on the chain in the "French Chain" for anti-counterfeiting. Free of tampering.

It has been nearly eight months since the launch of the "Ant Blockchain" BasS platform.

At the Ace Summit in Yunqi, Hangzhou on September 20 last year, Jiang Guofei, vice president of Ant Financial Services, announced that the ant blockchain officially launched the blockchain BaaS service platform and launched the ant blockchain partner program.

On January 8th, the Ant Blockchain Competition was officially launched. Whether the 1.8 million bonus and the 1 billion Science and Technology Fund investment can capture the next “killer” application scenario.


Baidu , which is also "BAT" , is not to be outdone .

On October 18, 18, Baidu's "Xuperchain" appeared at the Hainan Provincial People's Government & Baidu Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony.

The solution with the "blockchain" as the core technology covers four major product lines: the "Universal Universe" for entertainment applications, the "Baidu Evidence Chain" for judicial applications, the "Data Collaborative Platform", and the copyright product "Baidu Totem".

On March 30 this year, Baidu took the initiative to cooperate with the Guangzhou Internet Court "Netcom Law" wisdom ecosystem, and relied on Baidu's copyrighted product Baidu Totem as the first platform to access the trusted electronic evidence platform.

The layout of domestic and foreign giants has rapidly amplified the influence of blockchains in the digital economy.


Baidu senior expert Sun Junyi interprets Baidu blockchain layout

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Not to be outdone, vertical industry leader

Bring blockchain into the real commercial era

In addition to "BAT", the giants in each vertical field are not to be outdone.

In November of the same year, Weizhong Bank joined the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission and Hangzhou Yibi Technology to build a “arbitration chain” based on blockchain technology.

In February last year, the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission issued the first ruling in the industry based on the “arbitration chain”, which means that the micro-bank FISCO BCOS realized the real landing of the “blockchain + first certificate of deposit” in the judicial field.

From the perspective of the operation process of the “arbitration chain”, the arbitration institution can participate in the process of depositing securities, and jointly and witnessed in real time. Once a dispute arises, the verified data of the verified signature can be regarded as direct evidence.

Of course, the leader is far more than a micro-bank.

On February 6, 2018, Ping An of China launched a “credit chain” to connect the various parties involved in the financial asset transaction, real-time monitoring of each transaction, and judging the risk of the transaction through state comparison;

On May 7, 2018, Haier took the battlefield of the blockchain industry to the field of intelligent hardware that they are most familiar with, and built a complete ecosystem with “blockchain+smart hardware” to build its own business model. ;

On July 3, 2018, the logistics industry giant SF chose to show its talents in the traceability of medicines, put an end to black-hearted medicines, and began to develop technology from the safety of people themselves;

"In the JD 7FRESH blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform, you can guarantee that every piece of meat is fresh and healthy." On May 7 this year, Wang Zhiqiang, the head of Jingdong Fresh Food Business, held a press conference on the "Jingdong·Qingqi Shen" strategic cooperation media. Said on…

For the blockchain, this has only just begun, but the war has begun to pervade.


Microsoft, Baidu, Weizhong Bank

3 major instructors sit in the town to observe the block chain landing trend

Having said that, perhaps you already understand the original intention of Babbitt College.

Once again , starting from May this year, Babbitt College will offer a free online learning course, inviting teachers from Babbitt College to carefully design a special course each month to share with you in the blockchain industry.

In May, we launched the “frontline” topic. We invited three experts from leading edge technology companies – Microsoft, Baidu and Weizhong Bank.

Through the special course, you can learn more about the blockchain layout of well-known Internet companies.

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"Exploration and Practice of Baidu Super Chain"

May 15, 2019 15:00-16:00

"FISCO BCOS Open Source Community and Public Alliance Chain"

May 20, 2019, 20:00-21:00

Blockchain and Web3.0

May 24, 2019, 20:00-21:00


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