Wu Tong: The profit model of blockchain in supply chain finance is essentially through the creation of endogenous credit.

According to the Securities Daily, Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC Blockchain Committee of the Ministry of Commerce and dean of the Digital Economy Business School, explained to the Securities Daily reporter the profit model of the blockchain in supply chain finance, which is mainly based on splitting. The transfer of accounts receivable and the extension of the credit chain, in essence, through the creation of endogenous credit, accelerate the flow of funds. The blockchain can gradually transfer information flow, data flow, logistics and business flow information related to upstream suppliers and downstream distributors of core enterprises from offline to online management, and improve information transparency and traceability in the process. Sexuality, the actual value of the current blockchain in the supply chain is whether it can compensate for the potential value loss caused by information asymmetry by improving information transparency and scalability.