Liu Chang used: 100% reserve is not the key to the success of stable coins

According to the Planet Daily, despite this allegations of Tether, there are documents showing that only 74% of USDT is supported by cash and equivalents. However, Liu Chang, the founder of Zhimi University, and Lin Jiapeng, the founder of Linkvc, believe that the current 74% reserve is a good news. "There was a psychological expectation that the market would be over-expected, and even expected to be 2 to 3 times higher than the results. The results confirmed that the over-issue was quite serious." Lin Jiapeng explained. Liu Chang used that the rational attitude is to recognize part of the reserve system, and 100% of the reserve is not the key to the success of the stable currency. "If 100% reserve is required, blocking the normal profit channel of the issuer, it will force it to falsify." He believes that USDT really faces two risks: the legal currency channel supervision and internal operation errors.