Wu Bofan: The traditional patriarchal community has the nature of blockchain

On May 11th, the “China Benefits Company” vision speech (first issue) produced by Tencent News was held in Beijing. Wu Bofan, a well-known scholar and business thinker, said in his keynote speech "Viewing Social Responsibility with Asset Management" that using today's blockchain technology, it will be found that the traditional patriarchal society is one of the oldest blockchain technologies. Wu Bofan explained that in the traditional patriarchal society, every behavior will enter the books shared by everyone. Although this account seems to be unwritten, it is stored in everyone's mind, and it is multi-node, you can't change it casually. . Once you make an act, all of the people in this community, in this community, have already recorded these things. You want to change it, you want to eliminate this trace, it is a very difficult thing, it is multi-node. The reason why the blockchain has become a reliable credit technology is that it is difficult to change. In the traditional patriarchal society, what you can see is an original blockchain.