Market Analysis: BTC continues to rise, short positions continue to be high

On May 11, BTC continued to rise, the USDT reserve of the platform continued to decrease, and the short position continued to be at a high level. Akong believes that BTC will continue its strong trend.

Many people are passing the following two figures, which correspond to the USDT reserve of the trading platform.

As you can see, in just two weeks, the USDB reserve on the BNB platform has been drastically reduced like a trick.

This has a certain relationship with BNB's hacking attack prohibiting the charging of coins. It is also pointed out that BNB is replacing the USDT reserve with BTC and waiting for the big changes that appear after the USDT.

Akong feels that the USDT time bomb is ambushing at the bottom of the market. The major stable currency wars have just begun. Many people are competing for the USDT stable coin throne, which will also have an important impact on the market trend.

BTC began to rush to the top, and the big B net short position began to turn down. From the previous turning point, only the short position fell sharply, and a large short position was released, and the BTC could fall sharply.

Why the short position has risen in a straight line, the most important reason is also related to the USDT . In the previous period, the big B network came out to freeze the funds of 850 million US dollars, and then restricted the currency, and there were also public statements that the big B network was the platform. Coin financing is to solve the problem of coinage.

That is to say, the money of the big B network is mostly frozen, there is no money, only the currency, and the USDT is a killer. Many friends and Akong are worried that UDST will have a big thunder and want to change the USDT to BTC, but they cannot mention it. currency.

At this time, if you want to hedge, you can only short the BTC of the corresponding amount, causing the short position to rise straight, and the short position will rise and there will be a rebound.

In the end, the most peculiar pictures appeared. The BTC stood out from the crowd, rising and rising, leading the market, and the rest of the currencies were in a weak shock.

Funds of mainstream currency flock to BTC, and BTC's independent market appears. The best short-selling operation is to short the mainstream currency and do more BTC.

The best short-term operation in these two days is to do more BTC, short the mainstream currency, and earn both ends. There are also people short-term short-selling mainstream currency, short-term do more BTC, have the daring to short platform coins, do more than a small coin, in short, how to operate are earned.

In terms of trends, doing more BTC and shorting mainstream currencies, even if you start shorting the exchange rate from April, is also profitable, but only one approach is the most dangerous, that is, shorting BTC.

In the past two days, many people joked with Akong and said that shorting a bull market, Akong wants to admit that it is wrong to estimate the BTC's gains. The BTC's low point is getting higher and higher. Every time Akong talks about the apex of BTC, it will be successively Pull up the breakthrough.

But you can go and find, Akong has never said to short the BTC, according to the BTC to short the mainstream currency, to short the exchange rate is the best choice.

BTC is like the Moutai in the stock market. The top is actually to be shackled, but Akong still has to leave a resistance level, because the vertices of the BTC stage are often the historical vertices of some currencies.

Similarly, you can go to the short-term of many BTCs in the past two days. You can short the short-term mainstream currency. You can short other currencies according to 6150, 6700, 7000 USD, but only to avoid shorting BTC, BTC will circulate in USDT. After the tightening, the weak callback will be made, but it will continue to lead.

This time, BTC will have a skyrocketing order, the price of the currency will rise to an unimaginable price, and his bottom will continue to rise, so why not buy BTC?

Whether it is short exchange rate, or short-term BTC, choose BTC will be a good choice, of course, at this time some people will say that Akong you 3,000 dollars to go empty, and now 6000 dollars to do more.

It’s like you and your wife, every time I talk about it, I finally found out that it’s two things.


Yesterday I talked about doing long operations, seized the opportunity to pull up, bought BTC fast forward and fast out, just Akong saw the 300 million BTC outsole, and initially completed the purpose of the explosion.

The USDT premium also began to pick up, and the price rebounded to 6.9 US dollars. Before the Akong talked about the USDT price rebound, the short position of the big B net will decrease, and the price of the BTC will have an inflection point.

So the key to the BTC's top at the moment is how much is left in the short position and how many empty positions will appear.

Akong feels that the current BTC will continue the bullish trend. From the point of view of the big B net's transaction chip line, since the rise of the annual resistance band of $6,150, there is only a secondary resistance band of $6,950.

Short-term contraction will increase, and will continue to climb to the top, can be high and low, wait for BTC to step back, and then buy short-term.

After the BTC bottomed out, it rose again to test $6,775.

Resistance level: 6775, 6840, 6950

Support level: 6591, 6430, 5980


In the past two days, many friends have done EOS, and they have to eat both long and short. The short-term is very frequent according to the shock zone. The daily line has formed a shocking pin. Akong believes that mainstream currencies such as EOS will not oscillate for a longer period of time and are waiting for BTC to further break higher and form a small-level painting trend.

The above five dollars have been repeatedly inserted and dropped. This is the position of the upper edge of this round of shock boxes. It is the key point of this round of the market. Once the volume increases, it will break through 5 dollars, and the short-term will quickly rise and rise. Needle movement, operation, you can throw high and low, waiting for BTC to catch up.

Next EOS was shocked at $4.96.

Resistance level: 4.96, 5.04, 5.15

Support level: 4.85, 4.71, 4.54


The currency price fluctuated and rebounded. Continue to sort out the market. You can see that the benchmark BTC exchange rate, ETH unilaterally fell, hitting a record low, indicating that a large amount of cash was presented, forming a short selling pressure on the currency price.

The daily ETH is doing a triangle convergence trend. The upper 179.3 US dollars is the long-headed trend formed by the 5.7-day, which is the short-term key point of the current currency price. Akong believes that as long as ETH does not pull up to break through 179.3 US dollars, the quantity can continue to weaken, and the price of the currency will continue to fluctuate. With the trend of BTC, it will be flat.

Then ETH oscillated at $178.4.

Resistance levels: 178.4, 179.3, 181.2

Support level: 175.2, 172.5, 169.7


LTC as the wind vane of the mainstream currency, in the process of BTC continuous topping up, the short-term currency price fluctuated rapidly, forming a rapid pin rebound, forming multiple long and short double bursts, indicating that the main funds are still waiting for BTC to change, the mainstream The currency is still in a volatile trend.

The top $79.6 is the key point of LTC's short position. Akong talked yesterday that as long as LTC does not have a heavy volume to break through $79.6, it will continue to sort out the market. You will also find that the current currency price is fiercely contested over the US$79.6. As a whole, the volume will continue to weaken, and the price of the currency will fall back repeatedly, which will continue the shock.

Short-term back to zero shaft rebound, then LTC shock consolidation at $79.6.

Resistance level: 79.6, 80.2, 80.7

Support level: 78.3, 77.7, 76.5


BCH is accompanied by rapid increase in BTC, and the short-term breaks through the short-term key point of $295.3. BCH is the wind vane of the small coin. Once the BCH first strengthens, it will lead the fork hotspot to warm up, thus driving the small coin to make up the funds.

Akong believes that the small apex of BCH is continuously decreasing. The above 31.46 US dollars have been repeatedly inserted and dropped, which has a role of selling short-selling against the price of the currency. In the case that the quantity can continue to weaken, the price of the currency will continue to fluctuate.

Only a breakthrough of 316.4 US dollars above, in order to form a short-term rapid pull-up trend, the operation can follow the shock trend, high throw low suction.

Next, the BCH was oscillated at 303.2.

Resistance level: 303.2, 309.3, 316.4

Support level: 291.8, 284.6, 273.7


BTC is currently leading the market to rise rapidly. Just Akong saw that the price of the currency has broken through the resistance level discussed above, but the overall direction is still bullish, waiting for further short positions.

BTC led the market, it will be a short-term market, BTC began to sort out at the top, in order to appear some small coins to fill the market, Akong believes that because of the current including USDT, resonance coins and other factors, BTC continues to rise, this is BTC In the independent market, the funds of the mainstream currency will also be transferred to the BTC, so the supplementary currency of the latter will not be larger than the BTC, so it is more appropriate to choose the BTC in the short-term.

Once the BTC reappears a large number of short positions, the short position will fall when the short positions fall. From the market hotspots, the platform coins and the forked hotspots remain weak. The current mainstream market is still represented by BTC. Lord, you can seize the opportunity of short-term operation.