The pie continues to hit a new high today, how will the next market go?

Heroes BB:

Crazy! These two words can only be used to describe the current BTC. With the rise of BTC in the past few days, its market value has risen to 59%. Counting from May, BTC has been up for 10 days, and there is no decent callback during this time. If you are ridiculous, BTC's market will make other currencies look blind. They all stand in the same place and don't know whether to enter or retreat. Today, with the fall of the pie, the market funds finally have signs of rotation.

From a macro perspective, many people said last year that 2018 is not very good, and 2019 will be a year of economic depression. But now, looking back, last year was actually a trough, just everyone. In it without knowing it. This year is also the same, the heroes at the beginning of the year are calling everyone layout, how many people actually layout. Another example is that WeChat Weibo is currently adjusting the market of fishtails. It is said that this is a fisherman. The analysts in the recent market are facing the face. Only we have been insisting that the mainstream echelon will rebound and will make up, so the truth Always in the hands of a few people.



Today's pie is a new high, the overall strength is not expected by the heroes, but this does not affect the way the heroes recently explained to the mainstream echelon rebound. Recently, the big cake broke away from the technical indicators, and the top of the daily line was stepped off the foot, breaking the step pressure level, so that all analysts could not find the north and the south. Let me talk about the recent psychology of amaranth:

1, the big cake rises so much, the mainstream currency does not rise, why? Then, when the pie is turned back, the mainstream currency is not going to fall to the bottom? (This kind of mental leek only saw the beginning, did not see the end, only saw the big cake sucked the blood of the mainstream currency, but did not expect the funds to have the opportunity to rotate to the mainstream currency after the big cake callback, so heroes Recent articles have shown that the mainstream currency will at least rebound and increase .)

2, watching the big cake stand alone, the mainstream currency is still falling, I want to sell the mainstream coins to buy a big cake! What did the heroes say about the ADA rebound? I haven't rebounded since I fell to 0.06. I have to cut the meat and buy a big cake when the big cake is called back. (This kind of mentality has always been to wait for the big cake to call back to buy, but the market will not give you such an opportunity, waiting for you to cut the mainstream echelon to the floor, and then chasing the pie, the pie will be called back, this time you You will find that the mainstream echelon you cut off is getting up again. The recent rise in the pie is subject to changes in the international situation. It can be seen that the pie is not only rising during the day, but continues to rise at night, not violently rising, but oscillating upwards, so Let all analysts in the market can't find North and South)

Today's analysis: continue to hit a new high, yesterday analysis that as long as the pie continues to fluctuate above the $ 6,200, then the mainstream currency has the opportunity to make up, the mainstream echelon in the afternoon has a different degree of rebound, the overall is in line with heroes. Next, it is expected that the pie will remain oscillating above $6,500, and will slowly fall back from the current point. Then, after the funds come out, there will be an opportunity to flow into the mainstream echelon, and the BTC as a whole will remain volatile. Support today: $6,500, pressure: $7,000.

2 mainstream echelons

EOS: It rebounded as scheduled, and today it stood at $5. The daily MACD appeared in Jinchao yesterday, and it also explained to everyone that the rebound in the market will be more favorable. Short-term grapefruit will remain in a state of overshoot, waiting for funds to flow back. $5.2 is effectively stable, then the next pressure is at $5.6.

ETH: Recently, the heroes have maintained the view of attacking 180 dollars. Today, they finally broke through this pressure. The previous high point was an effective breakthrough at 185 US dollars. The upper pressure is around 200 US dollars, and the short-term will continue to fluctuate strongly. Short-term support: $180

BCH: I drew a trend line for everyone yesterday. Today, there is a rebound just hit this line. BCH has a floating position in the low position of the short position. There are more 325-340 sets in the upper part. The short-term heroes tend to fluctuate. Strong state, waiting for the upper pressure digestion situation. Support level: USD 290

LTC: Up to 80 US dollars on schedule, today's LTC is strong, breaking through the intensive trading area of ​​the previous high level, so the above 91 US dollars is a relatively heavy pressure interval, short-term breakthrough is more difficult, but today's strong let LTC It is expected to return to the position of the leader, the same as yesterday's point of view, after breaking through the 80, there is further upward momentum. Short-term pressure: $91, support: $80.

3 other analysis:

At present, we still maintain the previous view, patiently waiting for the pie to turn back after the funds are rotated, the mainstream echelon will be the first to be favored, and the cottage echelon will lag, we will not do stealing the chicken operation, only operate some The long-term value of the cottage echelon.

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