Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood: Encryption decentralization is just a myth, Ethereum is not decentralized

In an interview, Ethereum co-founder and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood said that most of the encryption communities have betrayed the ideal of "cryptocurrency should break the border and bring people together." It believes that encryption and decentralization is only a myth, and Ethereum is not decentralized. “Bitcoin is basically controlled by a few people. Bitcoin is at least theoretically determined by the Bitcoin core, and the Bitcoin core is a GitHub repository.” In addition, it represents cross-border trade and cross-border interaction of blockchains. Interesting applications are more interesting, and blockchains are likely to increase interconnectivity and maximize it. So while Gavin Wood is frustrated by the differences in the encryption community, the overall tone is optimistic. When introducing Polkadot, it admitted that Polkadot was still ruled by a "benevolent dictator" at least until the project went live.