Trader: The market is entering the fourth round of the bull market, usually longer than expected

Wave Financial trader Avi Felman said the bull market usually starts with a strong bitcoin. Next, some altcoins (such as ETH and XRP in 2017) will take over and squeeze the market share of Bitcoin. Then, at the apex of the bull market, the "cotton currency season" will come, and profits will flow to other altcoins. In the bull market in 2016-17, the process of this bitcoin → mainstream altcoin → small altcoin took two rounds until the end of the last bull market. This process is unlikely to occur more than once before the end of the long period. My point is that the market is entering the fourth round of bitcoin bull market, and in the next few months we will see a market that has been revived. It's hard to determine when the Ark of the Ark era is coming, but as you know, the cycle is usually longer than expected and progresses faster than expected.