48,000 BTC big transfer on the bitcoin chain this morning

According to Btc.com data, on May 12th, 07:48:42, the address starting with 174jWq is transferred to 47000 BTC and 1000 BTC at the beginning of 15VREs and 1HMSP, respectively, at the corresponding time CMC price (about 7300 US dollars). Calculated, the value of a single transaction is about $350 million. The transaction hash is: 97c8bdc251e74179c6e44fd6c1bc85637e7ad41c8156b0f33aca241bad537c5b. After investigation, the three addresses involved in the transaction did not appear to be transferred or transferred more than 1 BTC thereafter. The deal made the address starting with 15VREs the 14th address on the Bitcoin Rich List.