Research: There is no clear correlation between BTC market prices and their total number of nodes

DataLight, a US cryptocurrency data analysis company, mentioned the results of a study on the BTC market price and its total number of nodes in a May 9 report. The company analyzed the BTC market and node data from November 2017 to April 2019 and concluded that there is no clear correlation between the two. Based on the analysis results, DataLight speculated that most of the traders and investors directly affecting the market did not run Bitcoin. There is no money incentive to run the entire node, but it will generate a safe incentive. Therefore, DataLight advocates that from the perspective of protecting its own assets, investors should actively run the entire node. The analysis chart shows that at the end of 2017, when the market price skyrocketed, the number of nodes increased only slightly, and there was no complete linkage; in addition, in the winter of 2018, the number of nodes was stable at around 10,000; in April 2019, BTC When the market price rose sharply from less than 4,000 US dollars to around 6,000 US dollars, the number of nodes decreased by 10%, showing an inverse correlation.