Analysis of the madman market on May 12: the value will eventually be presented, and the air will eventually return to zero.

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Market sentiment has been driven by the continued rise of Bitcoin. The current situation is that bitcoin continues to rise and brings a lot of new funds. Both the reading volume and the volume of transactions have started to increase significantly, and the USDT is still in the process of pulling up. Premium status, which means that the funds are indeed entering the market. The madman thinks that more than 6000 is the risk zone. When the real breakthrough is made, it is so unpredictable. This is the charm of the market. It is strikingly similar but not simple.

First look at the long-short ratio:

Analysis of the madman market on May 12: the value will eventually be presented, and the air will eventually return to zero.

The bulls are already fully dominant, but the risks are often the same.

Then the madman turned over the main rising wave of bitcoin. There are two characteristics. The first one is very fast. Especially after the acceleration of the market, it is a sign of rapid rush, and the main force distributes chips during the period of continuous heavy volume. Achieving profit-taking, in terms of investor sentiment, shipping is very easy. The second characteristic is that Bitcoin does not seriously deviate from the 5-day line every time the main rises. Once the deviation is fixed in the short term, everyone can look at history.

Analysis of the madman market on May 12: the value will eventually be presented, and the air will eventually return to zero.

In this case, there are three ways to go after the market. The first is to continue to oscillate higher (the strongest trend), the second is the 5-day line such as shock (normal main rising wave), and the third is to take the initiative to step back on the 5th line, the third There are two ways to do this. One is a narrow-scale callback, and the other is a large-scale correction. If it is the latter, we must be careful. There may be a large-scale adjustment. If it is the former, observe the callback and consider it again. Whether to get on the bus.

The madman believes that after the sharp rise, the second or third possibility is greater. This position is no longer eager to chase the high, the profit is very rich, and patiently wait for the callback to be up. What has to be said is that the 5-day line of warfare is far more stable than the subjective escape.


Under the stimulation of Bitcoin, ETH has hit a new high in this round of rebound. Yesterday, the volume has broken through a new high. Today, it continues to fluctuate and the turnover is relatively obvious. After a small adjustment in the market, it is expected to continue along the 5-day line and enter the early stage of chip-stacking. Area, strong pressure 200, this position needs to oscillate.


Not yet breaking the previous high, but fully change hands in the front high position, and wait for the 5-day line to move up gradually after the upward movement is expected to continue to oscillate upwards, 110 strong pressure position after adjustment has the opportunity to touch.


After the high volume broke through the rebound, it was like a wild horse that was dislocated. There was no pressure. Today, it once again led the market. The upper pressure is near 420. As long as you don’t close the upper shadow line, you have the opportunity to continue the attack.


Also followed the market, but the overall momentum is not strong ETH and BCH, is a weaker linkage.


Continued oversold rebound, pressure level of 0.08, is still in the upswing period, but the overall market linkage bitcoin, limited independence, and continued to fluctuate in the short term.

The small coins have been forgotten by everyone, and the mainstream currency has set off the banner of the upswing, because those things that have no value will eventually return to zero, and the truly valuable currency will be realized by more and more people, in the long run Value investment will never take a detour.

When the market rises, it is always crazy and fast. When the callback is made, it will always make a lot of people suffer. But when people are crazy, people are immersed in it, forgetting the sadness brought by long-term pain. This is the leek that only has 7 seconds of memory.

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