Microsoft Blockchain Principal Project Manager: Blockchain technology has overcome the biggest obstacles to mainstream adoption

On May 12th, York Blockchain Chief Project Manager Yorke Rhodes said that blockchain technology has overcome the biggest obstacles to mainstream adoption. He compared the technical status of the blockchain with the Internet in 1995. “Companies don’t know what they can do online, and consumers don’t want enough content.” With the introduction of user-friendly tools and interfaces, infrastructure is created for enterprise building, with traditional businesses. Beginning to realize the importance of expanding its online business, user content began to experience the snowball effect. Similarly, forward-thinking technology companies have begun to integrate blockchain or "Web 3.0" payments into their standard products. Rhodes pointed out that the Samsung S10 and Opera browsers are a relatively "painless" new way to piggyback consumers. "We are really trying to help companies cross this gap." He said that the participation of more and more companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Microsoft and Ernst & Young suggests that the biggest obstacles to corporate adoption have been overcome.