Xiao Lei: This time, the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed or the rich people.

On May 12th, financial columnist Xiao Lei wrote that in the mainstream assets, the best performing asset in the year-to-date is crude oil, which is currently more than 40%, but it seems to be inferior to Bitcoin. The current price of Bitcoin is 95% higher than the price at the beginning of the year. He believes that if you want to find reasons for the rise in bitcoin prices, you can list countless reasons, but most investors, or standing outside the market to see, should be said that the general explanation may be speculative. rise. It points out that the logic of bitcoin birth is similar to futures, insurance, etc. It adds a choice to deal with some uncertainties in the future. The first is the uncertainty of credit currency, followed by the uncertainty of financial services institutions, and the third is the uncertainty of national barriers. He said that Bitcoin, as a social resource, is destined to flow from the middle class to the super rich. This is in line with Coase's theory of property rights. In the end, who can use it well, or who is in its hands, has the highest value and who it is. Xiao Lei finally said that the price increase of this round of bitcoin is not the utopia of geeks, nor the rich dream of grassroots retail investors, but the international rich clubs, and began to provide bitcoin services to the super rich.