Data analysis: all the pass certificates industry fell, BTC overall traffic stagflation

According to TokenInsight data, the TI index reflecting the overall performance of the blockchain industry reported 585.95 points at 8:00 on May 13th, down 20.63 points or 3.4% from the same period of last year. In addition, among the 28 sub-sectors closely watched by TokenInsight, the highest increase in 24 hours was in the payment and financial agreement industry, with a growth rate of -0.25%; the highest decline in 24 hours was in the storage technology or protocol industry, a decrease of 9.21%. . According to monitoring, the number of BTC active addresses increased by 11.4% from the previous day, and the number of transfers decreased by 2.58%. BCtrend analyst Jeffrey believes that the short-term volatility of BTC is at a high level in January, and the overall flow is stagflation, which will continue to adjust in the short term. According to the quantitative analysis of BitUniverse, BTC welcomes the round-trip, and it is recommended to wait and see, and wait for the trend to be clear.