Ethereum Reddit sub-version owner resigned due to community dispute

According to coindesk, Taylor Monahan, CEO of the encryption wallet startup MyCrypto, has been the moderator of the Reddit sub-section of Ethereum since 2016. At that time, Reddit users in Ethereum had just exceeded 10,000, currently more than 400,000, and ranked the top 600 most popular channels in Reddit. However, the initial responsibility as a relatively low commitment and low visibility is now beginning to become the focus of the Ethereum community debate. Monahan said there were no guidelines or rules at the time, but the nature has changed. Former Ethereum core developer Afri Schoedon and Web3Foundation director Ryan Zurrer were asked by the community to cancel the moderator position, and the two have recently resigned. Recently, Ethernet domain name service ENS developer Nick Johnson also resigned on the grounds that there was a lack of time to "contribute meaningfully" and that the Reddit sub-section appeared "paranoid, conspiracy to sell and narrow unhealthy tendencies." As the situation intensifies and the role of the moderator is questioned, Monahan insists that the best course of action is to resign. In addition, Monahan also provided a 3,000-word document that wrote the expectations of the Reddit sub-section users and hosts, with the goal of "providing transparency for the roles of /r/ethereum moderators and determining expectations for those moderators. ”