Vision China official website resumed operations, industry insiders said the technical advice is blockchain + picture

At 0:00 on May 12, Vision China official website resumed operation. The Beijing Business Daily reporter found that the current China website only provides the image search function of the login status, and the member registration portal has not been opened. In the online statement, Vision China said that after the user test, the company's rectification has reached the expected target, and new functions such as reporting have been added. For this visual China's launch, there are two kinds of voices. Netizens generally hold negative attitudes, but photographers and graphic media are somewhat gratified. One party questioned one party's applause and how to get out of the dilemma and become the next challenge facing visual China. In the eyes of the industry, the question is how to make intellectual property more standardized and allow photographers to obtain more transparent channels of liquidity. In this regard, there are technical suggestions for the blockchain + picture. Since the outbreak of the concept of blockchain, many companies have claimed that blockchain technology can be used to trace the entire copyright of the image copyright, thus exploring the new image trading business model around the photographer (copyright owner).