Longgang, Shenzhen: Promoting the “blockchain+traceback” food safety supervision system for Limin

Last week, Longgang Sub-district Office recently held a promotion meeting on the “blockchain + traceability” food safety supervision project in Limin market. As an important measure of the micro-innovation micro-innovation project of Longgang Street this year, the company will complete the establishment of the quality file of “one house and one yard” for the merchants, build the “blockchain+trace” application system, establish a cloud database, conduct food safety inspection and development. Five aspects of food safety sampling testing. According to the work objectives of the implementation plan, the “blockchain + traceability” food safety supervision project will innovate the “Internet + food safety” supervision mode of the agricultural market through the combination of third-party food safety inspection, testing and consumer supervision; Going to the traceable food safety traceability system framework; exploring and constructing the government supervision department of Longgang Sub-district and the Limin market operators, market managers, consumers, third-party organizations and food safety supervisors to jointly manage food safety in the agricultural market New model; explore the feasibility of implementing the “blockchain+trace” system for food safety in the farmer's market that can be replicated and promoted.