Babbitt exclusive | Conflux Long Fan: How the real world information is on the chain, is the key to the blockchain landing

On May 10, Conflux founder and CEO Long Fan said in an exclusive interview with Babbitt: "The current blockchain world is a "casino", which exchanges chips for gambling on the exchange. Looking back at the ICO boom is a drumming The game. Why is this? The reason is that the blockchain world is out of touch with the real world. We want to use Conflux's higher throughput to connect the real world to the virtual world. For example, if I want to be on the blockchain Do you have a relationship with PM2.5, is this a bit related to the real world? But the question is, who told you in the blockchain, what is PM2.5 in Beijing that day? Actually solved this problem. The application can be landed on the blockchain. How to link the real world information is the key, it is a key. When the real world information chain has a breakthrough, there will be more meaningful applications. To the blockchain, this is our direction." More please poke: