Easy to see the annual report of the company 53 times mentioned the blockchain but said "not significantly affected performance"

According to the China Economic Net today, in the recently published annual report, Yijian shares mentioned the blockchain 53 times. I don’t dare to say that the easy-to-see shares are the listed companies with the largest number of blockchains, but it is definitely And one of the most companies. Easy to see shares so love the blockchain, stock prices also rise and fall with the concept of blockchain. In early April, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the first batch of blockchain filing projects. Due to the positive news, the easy-to-see shares had been trading for three consecutive days, and the stock price rose more than 50% in five days. However, although Easy View shares vigorously develop the blockchain, in response to the exchange inquiry, it said that the blockchain did not have a significant impact on the performance and reminded investors to pay attention to the risks.