FairX founder: Starbucks and Microsoft's blockchain project is confusing

On May 13th, Starbucks will implement Microsoft's Azure blockchain service to track coffee production news, financial services company FairX CEO and founder, former IBM blockchain branch CTO Michael Dowling said at Starbucks It seems that Microsoft's blockchain platform may be more prestigious than Quorum. However, Dowling is not sure why Starbucks first needs a blockchain. He said that this could be a potentially effective way to track which farmers were “best” in purchasing customers to vote for the best beans, but he couldn't think of any other practical applications that blockchain technology could achieve. "To tell the truth, as the media explained, I think the whole project is very confusing, I am not sure what problems they are trying to solve. Why do we need to decentralize? Why this program – I want to vote for coffee beans – Need to apply public/private keys and distributed databases?"