IRISnet & Tendermint work together to accelerate the development of open source blockchain technology

On May 11th, Cosmos core development team Tendermint published an English long article on the official blog, explaining the contribution of IRISnet development team boundary intelligence to the Cosmos SDK and the symbiotic relationship between the two teams, and announced IRISnet as the primary ecological partner. Tendermint mentioned in the blog post that the two parties have been working together since 2017, and IRISnet's core development team, Boundary Intelligence, has been a major contributor to the Cosmos community. The core principles of both parties are highly consistent, and there are very strict controls on product quality and network security issues. Today, Boundary Intelligence and Tendermint's work together have benefited nearly 83 projects, and both parties will continue to work hard to build a versatile and stable architecture so that developers can easily build application-specific chains for cross-chain ecosystems. Tendermint officially joined IRISnet, and a closer strategic partnership will bring more fun and value to the journey of multi-hub large-chain ecology.