Xinchen Technology: No significant information was disclosed, the actual controller was abnormal in stock trading, and the internal and external business environment changed.

On May 10, A-share listed company Xinchen Technology Co., Ltd. (code: 300542) issued a notice saying that the stock transaction price was within 3 trading days (May 7, 2019, May 8, 2019, 2019) On the 9th of the month, the closing price of the closing price has accumulated more than 20%. According to the relevant regulations of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Trading Rules, it is an abnormal fluctuation of stock trading. After the relevant verification, the company did not find any undisclosed material information, the actual controller's abnormal stock trading, and changes in the internal and external operating environment. According to statistics, in recent days, Xinchen Technology's share price has experienced violent fluctuations. First, on May 7, the stock price rose 10.03%, and the daily price closed at 11.81 yuan. There were different increases in the following days. As of May 13, Xinchen Technology's cumulative increase (May 7-May 13) has reached 34.94%. Among them, the stock price of today is 15.02 yuan, an increase of 10.04%, after May 7th, once again the daily limit.