"Bitcoin Transaction Traceability Technology White Paper": Where is the dark network address of 110,000 bitcoins flowing?

250G full node data acquisition

400 million huge transaction data analysis

300 million address big data scanning

51,380,177 address image feature tags Data tracking technology on the chain, as a cryptocurrency transaction monitoring solution, through the KYT (Know Your Transaction) API, callers can monitor activity on the chain and efficiently identify high-risk transactions.

In order to let everyone know more about this technology, we have released the "White Paper on Beijing Chain Bitcoin Transaction Traceability Technology". In addition to the explanation of the basic technical principles, we take the analysis of the 110,000 bitcoin of a dark network address as an example. Explain the application scenario of this technology.

Let's start this white paper. Let's take a look at the flow of this 110,000 bitcoin and which exchanges some of them flow to…

Source: Beijing Chain