Currency Circle Survival Guide

I want to cross the currency circle desert / find the real self / there are a few good coins to accompany me / this K line slipped / that K line smashed / suddenly rushed out after the plunge / said good no longer hand / Open the software trembling / see the rising stocks or want to vote / long bear market long / say no anger and mourning / only stop loss is not cut meat / what is the legend / what is the disk mad magic / only that bitcoin / in the secluded song / Full warehouse fell in confusion / pain in every corner / walking in the endless bear market river / Yang line Yin line interlaced / so demon Na / 蹉跎 蹉跎 蹉跎 蹉跎 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 自我 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

———“Connell Camel” When you are in the currency circle, how can you not slash? After all, in this place of the currency circle, it is possible to encounter "unknown AOE" and then lay the gun.

As a coin-based old leeks, more or less have gone through the turmoil of the currency circle, and even more, all kinds of squatting, do not want to live.

Moreover, it is not easy to climb out when the currency circle is stepped on the pit. After all, the real money and silver are rushing in. This is not a game clearance. If you hang it, you will come to a "winning defeat is the common situation of the military, heroes come back." If you want to come back again, please recharge your money… Hey, no money? The door of the currency circle is facing south, and there is no reason for money to come in.

Today, the stranger wrote a few pits in the coin circle, hoping to give you some inspiration. If you can save the currency in case, then it is not a credit.

Gossip less words, listed as the upper eye!

First, security articles

Say a thousand and ten thousand, the currency circle, the security must be in the first place.

If the value-added ratio of the digital currency is added to the property after adding one after another 0, then the security is the previous one, there is no one, and more than 0 is completely no good.

The security of the currency circle is mainly caused by two problems:

Case 1: The result of buying the coin went to the garbage exchange, and then the exchange ran, the money and the coins were gone;

Case 2: The coin was brought into his wallet, and the result was that the wallet private key/mnemonic was stolen/hidden/written on paper…

In fact, relatively speaking, in the currency circle, the situation is normal. Because most of the currency people are not willing to think, and it is a brainstorming thing to drum up the wallet. Since you don’t want to worry, it’s easier to find a stock exchange to deposit coins, and since you are looking for it. Exchanges come to deposit coins, and then there will be no problems with this exchange, then it will only be resigned.

So how to crack the situation? Still need to choose a relatively safe "reliable" exchange, pay attention to the "reliable" I refer to here also added quotes, after all, the exchanges in the currency circle will encounter some problems more or less, the front The incidents of stolen various exchanges can simply write a long list of coins, ranging from thousands to 100,000 yuan. This is not the first two days of the top three coins. Anhai lost 7,000 Bitcoin? I even want to solve it through the fork, and then I was smashed by the folks. It is estimated that I have to pay for my own money.

The best way to crack the situation is to buy the currency through the exchange, then mention it in your wallet, and then fall into the strange circle of situation two…

The use of digital currency wallets, but also a reliable wallet, requires some tutorials, these tutorials also have a lot on Babbitt, this is not to repeat here. What needs to be emphasized is the preservation of private keys/mnemonics. It really takes 1.2 million points.

Everyone tries to confirm their own network environment, their own network has not been hijacked, and there is no virus or Trojan on the computer, and this computer is preferably a digital currency-specific computer. Usually, you can link the network without linking the network (that is, cold storage). ). If the private key/mnemonic is written down on paper, don't just clip it in the book. Buy a small safe on Taobao for a few hundred dollars. Of course, the technology is now advanced. Of course, there are still some merchants that have introduced some private keys for metal. If you want to play these things, try to understand them. When you don't use them, you will drop the metal letters on the shelves.

Being able to play the private key/mnemonic on your own is the most basic pass of the currency.

Second, buy coins

"What kind of currency to buy" is always a hurdle for the currency circle.

In these years, there is no doubt that there has been a word that has been lingering in the ears of all the people. "Bitcoin has risen so high, it is not worthwhile to buy it again! Missed Bitcoin, don't miss XX coins…"

However, what hangs is that the more the currency that was shouted in the past, the more there is no sound now… leaving only one story after another.

Therefore, some people feel that when they enter the bull market, people laugh at the slow rise of Bitcoin; and when they enter the bear market, people return to Bitcoin and praise Bitcoin. This "personality split" is really a man who can't help but laugh.

The stranger here solemnly reminds: Anyone who enters the currency circle should hold at least one bitcoin at least! This bitcoin will never treat you badly.

If you don't have enough money, you can buy it bit by bit. Bitcoin is not a radish. If you want to buy it, you have to buy the whole one.

After you have bought enough bitcoin, if you still want to buy other coins, then you will all look at your own mood. Here, the aliens do not stop, in case the currency you want to buy has risen several hundred times, because the few words of the alien have not been purchased, then you are not to defend with the aliens?

Now the currency circle is very rich, some people praise the "mainstream currency", some people are pursuing the "technical currency", and some people are selling the "model currency"… If you can make profits in the total currency of these forests, then you really want to congratulate you, After all, there are not many such people. It’s just that the ugly words are in front, you must be convinced that you are a “king”, and that you may suffer a lot of hardships.

Don't be superstitious to recommend the coin to you, no matter what kind of "competition" this person has, how high is the "famous", buying any currency is your own decision, no one will be responsible for "your own decision" If you listen to the "master" of the recommended currency, don't be overjoyed when the currency goes up. If the currency falls, reflect on yourself. Don't try to defend your rights, because it's basically useless. Don't even pay a big price for any group fees, because this thing will not be returned to you.

Of course, there are some strange ways to buy coins in the currency circle. For example, through “deputy investment” or participation in “private placement”, how much risk is involved in such activities is still to be measured. The risk is always proportional to the return. Many people just see how many times the participation in “some projects” has risen. However, it is neglected how many people’s money is so confusing and thrown away.

Third, make a dead

The above security clearance has passed, and the purchase of the currency is clear and clear. Is it safe to grow without worry?

The answer is still no.

There are some thresholds for safety and coin-operated customs, but if you carefully ponder, you can still understand some of the doorways. And if you really run into problems, the exchange or the road to running on your behalf, it is not necessarily the responsibility of the currency.

However, if you are afraid of yourself, you will be afraid that you will die. This is a "day of work, you can't forgive yourself, you can't live."

How many people think of "high throwing and low sucking", the result is that the coins in their hands are getting less and less, and the number of people who are vacant is innumerable. The strangers have heard that there are hundreds of bitcoins, and there are a few to play. It is the seeing person who is crying.

There is also a need to repeatedly emphasize not to play futures… Because the current futures in the currency circle are really too profitable, please note that this money is the futures exchange to make money, not the currency to make money. This logic is a bit miserable, but unfortunately it is the truth.

Retail investors should not have to touch futures. Futures are used to stabilize fluctuations. It is a means for large investors or quantitative teams to balance spot profit and achieve "hedging". They came to enter the future, originally to lock in profits, not to gamble.

However, in the currency circle, some people do not believe in evil. They must play futures. The stimulus of futures is simply "toxic." Under the fluctuation range of the currency, the 20-fold leverage may only be in a few seconds. Who can hold the temptation to rise more than ten times? In the end, the more you play, the deeper you will be, until the blood is gone.

Moreover, some exchanges in the currency circle also have a unique "pinning stunt", which can "go into the sky" when the market is coming, and then easily harvest the players. If the currency people "know that there are tigers in the mountains and prefer to go to Hushan," they all expect themselves to "get out of danger", then it is inevitable that "the tiger mouth will die"…

Most of the currency people should give up the mourning of "high throwing low sucking" and "futures profit". It is the best policy of the currency to hold bitcoin honestly. Other tokens are shipped on rallies and replaced with bitcoin, and basically nothing is wrong.

Fourth, write at the end

In addition to these pits, there are many other pits in the currency circle. For example, there are some mining branches, such as cloud computing power, mining machine rental and the like, these are related to some details. If there is a chance, the alien will write an article again.

Steady survival in the currency circle is a very test of people. How many old birds have tumbling in the above pits, smashing sand.

The currency circle is exactly the "time effect". If you can always insist on tossing in the currency circle, you may one day be able to reap huge profits. After all, some people once said that "when you get on the train in the currency circle is not important, the important thing is never to get off the bus."

I hope that all the currency people can seriously study this article, draw inferences from one another, fully learn lessons, boldly assume, carefully try, build a little investment model in the currency circle, avoid becoming the "denominator" of the loss of the currency, and finally achieve " The grand goal of freedom of wealth.

Author: Lonely Stranger