Blockchain Weekly | Bitcoin accelerates sprint, hitting a new high of $7,500 during the year

In the 19th week of 2019, from the data of nine dimensions, analyze the development trend of the encrypted digital currency industry in the past week to explain a more realistic blockchain.


In the past seven days, the global trend of Bitcoin has increased from last week, and market sentiment has been greedy. The details are as follows:

Total market value of cryptocurrency: +17.01%

Bitcoin BTC price: +22.42%

Bitcoin weekly trading volume: +34.55%

Weekly new address: +6.38%

Weekly active address: +6.48%

Bitcoin network computing power: -3.13%

This week Bitcoin broke through continuously from $5600, with a maximum increase of over $7,500. Among the TOP100 currencies, there are 78 rising currencies and 22 falling currencies. Bitcoin's new address and active address have increased, indicating that BTC investors' attendance and activity have increased but the change has not changed. At present, only the retained users are active, the big bull market has not yet arrived, and it is still accumulated before the bull market. period.

Since the end of last year, the Bitcoin “Whales” has opened the currency model and has accumulated a lot of bitcoins in the past few months. The top 100 largest Bitcoin wallet addresses have recently accumulated 150,000 bitcoins, and the purchases of whales have increased from mid-April to the end of April. At this stage, it is suitable to adopt the “fixed-rated investment method”, and read more books and more coins.

First, the weekly market value trend:

In the past week, the total market value of cryptocurrency has risen from $18.56 billion to $211.27 billion, with a total market capitalization of +17.01%.

Among them, bitcoin BTC price: +22.42%, Ethereum ETH price: +16.14%, Ripple coin XRP price: +6.52%, bitcoin cash BCH price: +23.25%, EOS price: +12.48%, Litecoin LTC price: +15.67%.

(Chart source: coinmarketcap)

Second, the weekly trading volume list:

Bitcoin weekly trading volume rose from last week's $93.274 billion to $125.506 billion this week, and weekly trading volume: +34.55%.

The top 10 currencies in the past 7 days of digital currency trading volume are: Bitcoin BTC, TEDA USDT, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, EOS, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Ripple XRP, Wavefield TRX, Ether Classic ETC, CK USD. This week, the large zero-coin ZEC and the quantum chain QTUM fell out of the top ten. The specific data is as follows:

(Chart source: coinmarketcap)

Third, the number of new addresses, active addresses: (basic indicators reflecting the internal value of Bitcoin)

In the past seven days, the new address of Bitcoin has risen from 2,653,370 last week to 2,822,772 this week, and the new address is +6.38%.

The bitcoin active address in the past seven days rose from 5,238,321 last week to 5,578,065 this week, and the weekly active address: +6.48%.

Bitcoin's new address and active address have increased, indicating that BTC investors' attendance and activity have increased.

Fourth, the whole network computing power trend:

Bitcoin's total network computing power has decreased from 48.8EH/s last week to 47.27EH/s now, and the total network computing power: -3.13%.

At present, each T gains 1T * 24H = 0.00003752BTC, the next difficulty is predicted to be (+2.13%) 6.85T, the median block volume in the past two weeks is 1.22M, the number of unconfirmed transactions is 4,690, and the predicted output is halved. For May 20, 2020.

Mine pool computing power list:

(Chart source:

V. The proportion of the total market capitalization of mainstream currencies:

The current global cryptocurrency market bitcoin BTC market share accounted for 58.65%, Ethereum ETH accounted for 9.44%, Ripple XRP accounted for 6.33%, bitcoin cash BCH accounted for 2.98%, Litecoin LTC accounted for 2.50%.

(Chart source: coinmarketcap)

Sixth, Google Trends:

Google Trends shows how many keywords are searched globally by analyzing Google’s billions of search results worldwide.

Look at the Google Trends keyword "BTC USD", which can be used to measure the growth trend of Bitcoin users:

The five countries with the highest “bitcoin” heat in the world are: Nigeria, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. China is ranked 50th.

The five countries with the highest global “blockchain” are: Georgia, Benin, Malta, Nigeria, Ghana.

Seven, bitcoin sentiment analysis:

Bitcoin market sentiment was the same as last week, both are greedy, as shown below:

(Chart source:

Note: Bitcoin panic and greed index: 0 means "extreme panic" and 100 means "extreme greed". When investors become too scared, this may be a buying opportunity; when investors become too greedy, this means that the market will adjust, which may be a selling opportunity.

Eight, DApp turnover:

The total trading volume of the top ten DApps based on the Ethereum blockchain is: RMB 243.6 million.

The total trading volume of the top ten DApps based on the EOS blockchain is: 599.2 million yuan.

The total trading volume of the top ten DApps based on the wave field blockchain is: 624.3 million yuan.

Ethereum DApp rankings:

EOS DApp leaderboard:

Wave field DApp rankings:

(Chart source:

Nine, blockchain activity index:

The current blockchain activity index ranks TOP10: EOS, TRX, BTS, STEEM, BTC, ETH, WAX, TLOS, KIN, MHC.

(Chart source:

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